Curator Wages - 11/4 to 12/15
Evening, everyone! Super, duper thanks to all of our wonderful curators for staying absolutely on top of the backlog. It’s been great to see and great to watch.

Moving forward, Velo and I have also decided to move the “official” pay floor for Concise down to $2,500 for future wages. While the way we pay most of these won’t change (because as the Infohub notes, the minimums/ranges are just guidelines for what to expect, not solid floors/ceilings, which is why some fell below $3,000 this time around), it’ll give a better expectation of your pay in the future. I’ll also personally take some time later to clear up the Curator Pay section of the Art Encyclopedia a bit, to clarify what the different expectations are for each pay level of Concise.

Regardless, thanks to everyone for your hard work <3

@VeloJello; - $36,500
Fenris’ Vanillite - $12,000
K’sariya’s Avignon - $11,500
Ori’s Abra/Ralts - $5,000
Ori’s Metal AF Crew - $3,500
Fenris’ Poochyena - $4,500

@K’sariya; - $4,500
Fenris’s Pikachu - $4,500

@juliorain; - $25,500
Gun’s Ralts - $9,000
Fenris’ Pichu - $3,500
W32Coravint’s Flygon - $4,500
Fenris’ Pikachu - $4,000
Elrond’s Ralts - $4,000
Morru’s Murkrow - $500

@Gold; - $48,500
Felly Voltorb - $3,500
Oribhel Hydreigon - $3,000
Oribhel Murkrow - $3,500
Elrond Rufflet - $3,000
Oribhel Drilbur - $3,500
Oribhel Delibird - $3,000
Oribhel Qwilfish - $3,000
Juliorain Larvesta - $5,000
Juliorain Vulpix-A Cash - $3,500
Juliorain Cutiefly - $3,500
Fenris Taillow - $2,500
Fenris Magikarp - $2,500
Elrond's Seedot - $3,000
Fenris Ledyba - $3,000
Fenris’ Minun - $3,000

K’sariya note: One common theme that I’ve noticed is that you typically miss the “how’s” in your curations. There are a lot of times when you say what’s wrong, but don’t necessarily give advice on how to fix it, when you should at least mention it briefly even in a Concise. This is one thing that holds back your curations a lot. Even if you’re not familiar with the techniques of the medium that they’re drawing with, you can still find visual references to help you--take to Google images and try to find a visual reference for perspective, shading, etc. for the artist to go off of. This is also especially applicable to anatomies based off of realistic creatures--look up what parts might be off about a stylization on a realistic anatomy, as these kinds of mistakes are something you miss a lot in your curations.

Regardless, appreciate the diligence you showed in helping plow through the backlog a lot! Keep it up, you’re almost there!

@oribhel; - $37,000
K’sariya’s Reuniclus - $10,000
K’sariya’s Poliwag - $8,000
Evan’s Cutiefly - $2,000
Evan’s Oddish - $3,000
Julio’s Alolan Vulpix - $3,000
Velo’s Emolga - $2,500
Fenris’s Pidgey - $3,000
Fenris’s Wynaut - $2,000
Fenris’s Elekid - $3,500

Velo note: A lot of what K’sariya said to Gold can be applied to you. You quite clearly have a good artistic eye, and you’re good at pointing out artists’ strengths and weaknesses, but it’s important to be consistent about giving suggestions for artistic improvement. Where you did this, you did it well, but there were a few curations (Cutiefly, Wynaut, Emolga) where you simply pointed things out without offering specific suggestions for improvement. You have the know-how; I’d love to see you sharing it more freely!

@Elrond; - $7,000
Ori’s Deino - $4,000
Ori’s Mawile - $3,500

Velo note: Not much to say on these few curations; you’re adapting really well to the Concise curating system. Keep up the good work!
Claim, thanks for the input and advice!
feels bittersweet to claim, but thank you for letting me claim, so I will
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=802&d=1507743197]

Img Made by Morru/Mako
Claimed! Thank you!

(It should be $7,500, if I'm mathing right, right?)
clam thank youuu
will pay attention to keeping curations more consistent in content in the future
Slight update folks - Gold also earns an additional $1,000 for Elrond's Nuzleaf and an additional $1,000 for Elrond's Rufflet. Both of these addressed monthly themes. Sorry for the lateness - and congrats Gold on making use of this bonus!
Claiming an extra $1,000 from grading Velo's Emolga (November Theme: Feast) on time ty

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