Grader Wages (to 12/14/2018)
Hello everyone!

This is our first grading period to include Concise grades. Please send me any feedback you might have on this new grading style!

I've noticed that the pay scale for Concise grades is a bit lower than I expected based on the effort you all put in, so I'm giving other folks who did them a $1,000 bump this wage period (count it as part of your base wages for legend tracker because this one's on me) and I'll consider some options for revamping the scale for next period.

Total: $3,400

Of a Kind, by VeloJello
Concise: $3,400

Total: $3,600

Fire Child, by Felly
Concise: $2,600

Total: $9,500

New Mascot, by Izuru
Moderate: $5,500

Be careful of super long grades on short stories, especially on an author's first one! Still, this was a good grade.

FUSION // FISSION, by K'sariya
Concise: $3,000

Total: $52,500

Just Imagine, ch. 2, by Magikchicken
Complex: $45,600

The Ekans and its Tale, by Fenris
Strong Basic: $3,300

Burn This Swamp Down, by Mistral
Concise: $2,600

Claiming my own wages!

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