URPG Recruitment Center [Advertisements Here!]
URPG Recruitment Center

Hello, and welcome to the URPG Recruitment Center! This is the one-way ticket to rewards for your recruiting efforts!

It’s simple—advertise and recruit to earn cash. When advertising or recruiting, there are just a few rules that we ask you to follow!


Breaking any of the below rules will void the points of the advertisement you broke the rule with.
  • Follow the rules of all forums, sites, and other communities that you post advertisements in. You are representing URPG, so take your time and read their advertising rules to make sure you don’t break any, and respect their community. This includes posting an advertisement in the appropriate format and in the appropriate place.
  • Check for pre-existing ads for URPG on that site. Do not post another advertisement if one has already been posted. Search for a pre-existing one!
  • Do not advertise or recruit in the chat boxes of other forums--only post advertisements where you’re explicitly allowed to.
  • Advertisements must be posted in a semi-active community to count. The community has seen some sort of social activity (not other advertisements) in at least the past two months to be considered active.
  • Try to be socially aware of where you’re advertising—don’t advertise in places where you don’t think a URPG ad would be welcome, such as previous host forums or somewhere else that might not take well to an ad. These places are few and far between, but just be aware!
  • Be considerate! While joining other servers to advertise is okay if it’s allowed, try to be considerate of the impression that you make. Joining a Discord server, advertising without interacting with people, and then leaving might not be against their rules if they allow it, but remember the impression that you’ll make. You’re much more likely to have good reception and higher recruitment rates if you’re polite and interactive with the community. Who knows, you might find someplace you like!

With that out of the way, we move on to what you’ve been waiting for! Below are the things you can do to earn cash!


  • $5,000 - Recruit a new member. Must have created stats and participated at least once in a section. Link to: recruit’s stats, proof of section participation (battle or contest log; sketchbook entry or artwork; National Park gate application or run thread). While not required to show by default, staff may ask to see proof that you were their referrer (them mentioning what ad brought them, them acknowledging that you referred them, your username listed as a referrer in their forum registration, etc.)
  • $2,500 - Recruit a returning member. Member must have not been active on URPG in the past 12 months. Must have updated stats and participated at least once in a section. Link to: returning member’s stats, proof of section participation (battle or contest log; sketchbook entry or artwork; National Park gate application or run thread)

  • $1,000 - Post a Discord advertisement. Advertisement must be in a channel that permits advertisements, or must have that server staff’s/community's permission to advertise! Link to: screenshot of whole server window (including server name and channel that permits advertising) + any special permission you’ve been given to post (if applicable).
  • $250 - Post a forum advertisement. Advertisement must be in an appropriate advertising board. Link to: advertisement post, thread, page, etc.
  • $500 - Advertise in a forum signature. Once per forum, not applicable on URPG host forums. Link to: a screenshot the signature in a forum post, or link to a post you’ve made with that signature.
  • $500 - Post an advertisement on social media. Maximum 1 per week per platform. Link to: the tweet, post, deviantART journal, etc.
  • $750 - Post a journal in a deviantART group. Once per group, in a group with at least 10 members. Link to: the journal.
  • $500 - Plug URPG in the description of a URPG or Pokemon-related work on a content sharing site (examples: AO3, deviantART). Limited 3 per week per platform. The plug/advertisement must include a link to the Getting Started page of the InfoHub and a link to the Discord server. Link to: the work with the advertisement.
  • $250 - Reblog, retweet, or similarly re-share another member’s advertisement. Must be another member’s and not your own. Link to: your reshare of the content.

Have something that you think qualifies as an advertisement, but don’t see above? Please DM K’sariya on Discord and we’ll add it!

Below are advertisements that you can use to advertise. You can use a combination of these elements, or make your own, but be sure to do your best to represent URPG!

Keeping Track and Getting Paid
Make one post here to serve as an advertising log. An advertising log only needs a couple of things:
  • Two sections, one for advertisements or recruitments that you’ve been paid for, and another section for ones you haven’t yet been paid for
  • For each advertisement:
    • A link to proof of your advertisement
    • Amount that should be paid for the advertisement

  • For each new recruit:
    • Proof of recruitment (the new recruit saying where they came from)
    • Amount that should be paid for the recruit

Once you’ve collected a few advertisements, please post your advertising log in #questions-approvals. An Official, Moderator, or Approver will check the Unpaid section of your log, and will make a post quoting your log and approving that batch of advertisements. Then, you can move those to the “paid” section! Use your best judgement when requesting approval; if you plan on sitting down and knocking out a bunch, don’t request one after every ad—request after you’re done for the day or something similar!

Log Lists:
A list of all logs will be kept below for easy navigation.

None yet
Fenris’s Advertising Log!
  • $500 - Advertised in Pokecommunity forum signature! (PROOF)


Reminder to self: Check on all the new people who joined later this week to see if they count oof
JudgeCurator ♦ Arbiter
Fenris Wrote:Unpaid:
  • $750 - Advertised on /r/Fanfiction Discord server! (PROOF)
  • $750 - Advertised on DnGames Discord server! (PROOF)
  • $750 - Advertised on Dungeon Delvers Discord server! (PROOF)
  • $500 - Advertised in Flight Rising forum signature! (PROOF)
  • $500 - Advertised in DnDBeyond forum signature! (PROOF)
  • $500 - Advertised in a tweet! (PROOF)
  • $500 - Advertised in a DeviantART journal! (PROOF)
  • $500 - Advertised on a DeviantART submission! (PROOF)

These ones look good!

Plug URPG in Art piece submitted on DeviantArt! $500


None yet!
My stats (always a work in progress!):


Discord Ad: 1,000


None Yet!
Abras are so cute!
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