URPG Secret Santa 2018
URPG Secret Santa 2018!

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Hi everyone,

It's November, which means Halloween is over and there's totally no other holidays between now and Christmas!!!!

In the spirit of the holiday season, we're bringing back our combined Stories/Art Secret Santa event this year! Please read below for details on how to participate:


From now until 11:59:59 PST on November 30th: If you want to participate in the fun, please post in this thread and then PM me with the following things:
Which categories (Demanding/Complex/Hard) you are comfortable writing for. You will only be paired with one rank, and you will only be paired with someone in the same rank as you.
Your top 3 Pokemon from each rank you have entered in! (so if you list yourself as being comfortable in the Hard and Complex rank, you should send me a total of 6 Pokemon)
Your section (Art or Stories -- you can enter up to once in each section; if you need to send separate lists for your section, feel free!)

November 30th: The opening window will close and you'll get PM'ed the list of mons that your Secret Santa wants! From there, you should pick one and get writing/drawing!
January 7th: This is when the art/writing window will close. If you don't submit a piece/write a story for your receiver by this time with the specific mon, you will not be receiving a gift mon.
January 8th: Gifts exchanged and names released in the bottom post! Feel free to exchange nice messages on here, too! Stocking stuffers also claimed at this time! <3 Merry Christmas, URPG!

Delibird Stocking Stuffers

If you successfully write for your person and exchange gifts, you'll receive an additional gift from the Delibird deliverer! You'll be able to claim this prize on January 8th, too.

Oh, and...

Your secret santa art/writing wishlist pokemon will be reduced in rank. This only applies to the one that you write for your Secret Santa -- but, for example, if your Secret Santa requests a Honedge and you pick to write that as your wishlist mon, it will be Complex instead of Demanding!*

Sign up for the rank that the Pokemon are normally at -- so if your wishlist has a Honedge on it, sign up for the Demanding rank (but your stuff will be evaluated at Complex).

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You know you want to ;>
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I mean... you get a cool banner after all! What's better then that? :)
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