Monthly Art Themes
Monthly Art Themes

Welcome to Art Themes! Every month has a new set of words for the month. Yours can make art, using any medium, and if it's posted during that month and fits the theme appropriately, you earn cash in addition to the Pokemon they're trying to capture, regardless if it passes or fails. Curators will also earn a bonus if they curate a piece of artwork in a timely manner!

Themed drawings can only be done twice per month. Curators receive a bonus for all the art they curate, so long as it's in the correct time frame.

Curators, please address the theme when you curate a piece of work to tell the artist if their art applies to the bonus or not. Artists, the art should incorporate one of the themes in a major way to incorporate the bonus. For example, a single seashell in an otherwise non-ocean-related drawing would not count for an "ocean" theme, but a beach or boat scene could! If desired, artists can type out a short paragraph explaining which themes they went for and why  they think it fits that month's parameters.

Note: The monthly theme only applies to capture attempts and not cash. However, this bonus does count toward your Legend Tracker for both artists and curators.

For Artists:
The bonus you gain depends on the rank that the work passes at!
  • Simple or Easiest Rank – $2,000
  • Medium Rank+ - $5,000

For Curators:
  • $1,000 extra per piece
  • Must be curated before 1 week after the calendar month ends

All Monthly Themes

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All Monthly Art Themes

We used to do a new set of themesevery month. Below is the archive of all of those. We chose ones we liked to become part of the permanent scheme.

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