Curator Wages - 9/2 - 11/4
Sorry these are late; the heads are sleepy (get it? sleepy heads? sleepyheads...? i'll see myself out). Great work, everyone. Let's keep slamming that backlog down!

Velo - $15,000

K’sariya’s Torterra - $15,000

K’sariya note: Great work, photomanip is hard to curate if you’re not familiar with it. You pointed out the exact perfect things to look at when doing photomanip, and gave some bomb critique here. Great amount of detail. Exemplary af

oribhell - $40,500
ReneeScarted’s Eevee - $8,000.
Evan’s Diglett - $9,000.
Fenris’s Wurmple - $3,000.
Fenris’s Weedle - $3,000
Fenris’s Sunkern - $3,000.
Fenris’s Sewaddle - $4,000.
Fenris’s Unown - $4,000
Fenris’s Ledyba - $3,500.
Fenris’s Spinarak - $3,000

Velo note: A hearty “welcome aboard”, Ori! Most of your curations were fairly straightforward backlog-blasters, which you already know are permissible in circumstances like this but not to be spammed. The visual aids you provided for perspective in the two more detailed pieces are really helpful. It would be good if you tried to explain your thought process a bit more - if you think an artist shouldn’t have chubby Unowns or that their Spinarak needs some web coming from its mouth, then don’t leave them hanging as to why!

Axion - $6,000
Gun6’s Girafarig - $6,000.

Velo note: Not much to say here! Simple, to-the-point, accurate curations are the Axion specialty, and you continue to deliver. Note from K’sariya: Holy crap, today I learned that those are called ossicones. Incredible word, thank you for using it and teaching me something.

K’sariya - $48,000
Felly’s Munna - $11,000.
Velo’s Salandit - $12,000.
Fenris’s Salandit - $12,000.
Evan’s Ralts - $13,000.

Velo note: Excellent work, as always! Your insight is great with lots of feedback provided on what’s been done well versus what needs improvement. Your tone is also really encouraging, which is great. Keep it up!

Gold - $9,000
Fenris’s Caterpie - $4,500
Elrond’s Sunkern - $4,500

Velo note: And an equally hearty “welcome aboard” to you, Gold! You curated a couple of simpler pieces this time so there wasn’t as much to say, but I’d love to see you delving into more detail, at least when you strike at higher ranks. How does the artist’s choice of medium affect the piece, for instance, or how is their composition game? You don’t have to nitpick, but explaining what works and what doesn’t is key for artist improvement.

Aaand, claiming my own. ^^'

thank youu!! claiming $40,500 ✨
I'll get back to curations when school stuff is done OTL
* Axion looks at date of posting... claim

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