Saur's PWN Stats
Saur's URPG Stats

Discord: Eric#4304
Money: 28,250
Contest Credits: 5,000
Number Of Battles, FFAs, and Battle Royals: 120
Number Of Battles: 97
Number Of Basic Battles: 68
Number Of Non Basic Battles: 29
Number Of FFAs: 22
Number Of Battle Royals: 1
All-Time Battle Record (all battles except basics): 8/21/0
Basic Battles Record: 11/59/0
Battle Hold Items: Leftovers, Life Orb
Berries and Herbs:
Other Items:
HMs: Waterfall
Unused TMs: TM Attract

Badges: 0

[Image: 392.png]
Gender: Male
Abilities: Blaze
Taught Moves: Acrobatics, Calm Mind, Close Combat, Ember, Facade, Feint, Fire Spin, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Fury Swipes, Leer, Mach Punch, Nasty Plot, Punishment, Scratch, Slack Off, Taunt, Torment
Other Moves: TM Earthquake, TM Stone Edge, TM Substitute, TM Bulk Up, TM Flame Charge, TM Rock Slide, TM Protect, BM Focus Energy
Obtained: Starter
Battles: 50

[Image: 462.png]
Gender: Genderless
Abilities: Magnet Pull/Sturdy
Taught Moves: Barrier, Discharge, Electric Terrain, Electro Ball, Flash Cannon, Gyro Ball, Light Screen, Lock-On, Magnet Bomb, Magnet Rise, Magnetic Flux, Metal Sound, Mirror Coat, Mirror Shot, Screech, Sonic Boom, Spark, Supersonic, Swift, Tackle, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Tri Attack, Zap Cannon
Other Moves: 
Obtained: Pokemart
Battles: 28

[Image: 683.png]
Gender: Male
Abilities: Healer
Taught Moves: Aromatherapy, Aromatic Mist, Attract, Calm Mind, Charm, Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss, Echoed Voice, Fairy Wind, Flail, Heal Pulse, Misty Terrain, Moonblast, Odor Sleuth, Psych Up, Psychic, Reflect, Skill Swap, Sweet Kiss, Sweet Scent
Other Moves: 
Obtained: Given by Turtwig A (BMG)
Battles: 24

Traded to Gold

[Image: 196.png]
Gender: Female
Abilities: Synchronize/Magic Bounce
Taught Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Baton Pass, Bite, Charm, Confusion, Covet, Double-Edge, Focus Energy, Future Sight, Growl, Helping Hand, Last Resort, Morning Sun, Power Swap, Psybeam, Psych Up, Psychic, Quick Attack, Refresh, Sand Attack, Swift, Tackle, Tail Whip, Take Down, Trump Card
Other Moves: TM Calm Mind, TM Dazzling Gleam, TM Substitute
Obtained: Pokemart
Battles: 35

[Image: 400.png]
Gender: Male
Abilities: Simple/Unaware
Taught Moves: Amnesia, Aqua Jet, Crunch, Curse, Defense Curl, Growl, Headbutt, Hyper Fang, Rollout, Rototiller, Super Fang, Superpower, Swords Dance, Tackle, Take Down, Water Gun, Yawn
Other Moves: TM Substitute, TM Ice Beam, HM Waterfall
Obtained: A Bidoof Tale
Battles: 22

Traded to juliorain

[Image: 468.png]
Gender: Female
Abilities: Hustle/Serene Grace
Taught Moves: After You, Air Slash, Ancient Power, Aura Sphere, Baton Pass, Bestow, Charm, Double-Edge, Encore, Extreme Speed, Fairy Wind, Follow Me, Growl, Last Resort, Magical Leaf, Metronome, Safeguard, Sky Attack, Sweet Kiss, Wish, Yawn
Other Moves: TM Flamethrower, BM Nasty Plot
Obtained: Pokemart
Battles: 23

[Image: 660.png]
Gender: Female
Abilities: Pickup/Cheek Pouch
Taught Moves: Agility, Bounce, Bulldoze, Dig, Double Kick, Double Slap, Earthquake, Facade, Flail, Hammer Arm, Leer, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Odor Sleuth, Quick Attack, Rototiller, Super Fang, Swords Dance, Tackle, Take Down
Other Moves: 
Obtained: Trade with Xulhu (PXR)
Battles: 13

[Image: 254.png]
Gender: Male
Abilities: Overgrow
Taught Moves: Absorb, Agility, Detect, Dual Chop, Endeavor, Energy Ball, False Swipe, Fury Cutter, Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Leer, Mega Drain, Night Slash, Pound, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Quick Guard, Screech, Slam, X-Scissor
Other Moves: 
Obtained: Pokemart
Battles: 10

[Image: 248.png]
Gender: Female
Abilities: Sand Stream
Taught Moves: Bite, Chip Away, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Earthquake, Fire Fang, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Ice Fang, Leer, Payback, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Scary Face, Screech, Stone Edge, Thrash, Thunder Fang
Other Moves: 
Obtained: Pokemart
Battles: 10

Traded to Liam

[Image: 195.png]
Gender: Male
Abilities: Water Absorb/Damp
Taught Moves: Amnesia, Earthquake, Haze, Mist, Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, Mud Sport, Muddy Water, Rain Dance, Slam, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Yawn
Other Moves: HM Waterfall
Obtained: Merry Christmas 2018
Battles: 7

Traded to Gold

[Image: 395.png]
Gender: Male
Abilities: Torrent
Taught Moves: Aqua Jet, Bide, Brine, Bubble, Bubble Beam, Drill Peck, Fury Attack, Growl, Hydro Pump, Metal Claw, Mist, Peck, Pound, Swagger, Swords Dance, Tackle, Water Sport, Whirlpool
Other Moves: TM Ice Beam, TM Substitute, HM Strength, HM Surf, HM Waterfall
Obtained: Winter Gift Station 2019 from Jack
Battles: 1

[Image: 110.png]
Gender: Male
Abilities: Levitate
Taught Moves: Assurance, Belch, Clear Smog, Destiny Bond, Double Hit, Explosion, Gyro Ball, Haze, Memento, Poison Gas, Self-Destruct, Sludge, Sludge Bomb, Smog, Smokescreen, Tackle
Other Moves:
Obtained: Winter Gift Station 2019 from PV
Battles: 0

[Image: 422-east.png]
Gender: Female
Abilities: Sticky Hold/Storm Drain
Taught Moves: Body Slam, Harden, Hidden Power, Mud Bomb, Mud Sport, Mud-Slap, Muddy Water, Rain Dance, Recover, Water Pulse
Other Moves: TM Protect, TM Substitute
Obtained: Valentine's Day Auction 2019
Battles: 4

[Image: 231.png]
Gender: Female
Abilities: Pickup
Taught Moves: Charm, Defense Curl, Double-Edge, Endure, Flail, Growl, Last Resort, Natural Gift, Odor Sleuth, Rollout, Slam, Tackle, Take Down
Other Moves:
Obtained: Winter Gift Station 2019 from heltear
Battles: 4

[Image: 258.png]
Gender: Male
Abilities: Torrent
Taught Moves: Bide, Endeavor, Foresight, Growl, Hydro Pump, Mud Sport, Mud-Slap, Protect, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Tackle, Take Down, Water Gun, Whirlpool
Other Moves: HM Waterfall
Obtained: Mart
Batttles: 1

Green font = Win/1st
Yellow font = 2nd/3rd
Red font = Lose/Below 4th
Date - Battle type [Outcome] - Opponent [Forum] - Pokemon used - Money Received

Standard Battles (8 wins, 21 losses)
Battle Royals
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