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December PXR UG roll

LiamToday at 10:01 PM

A sweltering summer night fell over the darkening sky. Kickitunes and their totes sang out into the evening sky, glittered with the dance of Volbeat seducing their Illumise. Oribhel had taken rest in a clearing by a pond, smoldering in the summer steam. A long day of trekking as a Pokémon trainer could tire even the most hardened and experienced and Ori too felt the weighing of their eyelids, gently heavinging over her sight of the last sunrays to breach through the trees.

A yawn from their Mawile's gnarled mouth signaled to Ori and their Alolan-Raichu that sleep was nigh. The stage was set for a typical night in the life of Ori, but little to them did they know this was a most unusual evening.

Rattling chains and burning wood went somehow as white noise against Ori's senses-- but a faraway scream set them awake in a flash!(edited)

Around them was no sweet glen, no moor of reeds and summer nights. Instead, they found themselves surrounded in brimstone and flaming trees!
Panic ensued, fight or flight! Ori reached around for their beloved Pokemon-- !!
Alolan-Raichu was missing...

Mawile woke slowly, but the faintest peak of the fire around them jolted it awake too.
Oribhel and just found themselves in the U N D E R G R O U N D

"Maw! Oh my God, Maw!! Where are ?!" Ori shuttered, "Where's Rai?! They were just here-- well there, in the glen at least... how did we--" the distant scream echoed again; Ori could feel their pain down to their own bones.

Mawile broke Ori out of their horrified trance and tugged on their arm to get up. Ori stood and hurried along a path edging a cliff.
The sky was a dark crimson, the land in ash, remnants of a forest smoldered-- it was like someone had lit the world on fire.
"Maw-- mawile!!" Ori's Mawile cried out.

Something was sticking out of the burnt ground. It had a sheen like nothing else around. Ori found their way over, somehow more entranced by the item piercing the ground than the armageddon around them.

Ori bent over the patch of earth and brushed away some dirt to get a better look...
!d 100

URPG DicebotBOTToday at 10:15 PM
Liam rolled 73

LiamToday at 10:17 PM
A dazzling stone, colors more radiant than anything Ori had seen before! They pulled it out of the ground more-- "Maw..." their Mawile queried, concerned about potential dangers in this new and volcanic world. "Just a moment Maw," Ori consoled, "I think this could be helpful..."
!d 10

URPG DicebotBOTToday at 10:17 PM
Liam rolled 8

LiamToday at 10:18 PM
A Sun Stone popped out of the earth! Ori held it with suspicion. "What... what is this for? What do I use it on?... Where should we go?"

to be continued...(edited)

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