End of Summer Auction!
Claiming my TM Blizzard! Thanks for the fun, everyone!
Will claim a normal gem, and take that TM Fire Blast. Thank you for hosting a zany and thrilling auction!

Edit: already had a flying gem from 2011 underground. claiming normal instead.
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Lmao, that Weedle :jordanlaff:

Taking my Ditto and Kyogre (for 6 months) and a Dragon Gem.

Hello the list has me as Morru but I swear I'm him

I'll be claiming a last minute Fire Gem!
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Elrond - Today at 1:43 PM
stop it morru we all know ur fursona is a Houndoom crossed with a thestral

evanfardreamerToday at 6:27 AM
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Claiming a Flying Gem, Clamperl, and Charizardite Y.

$62,750 - $15,000 = $47,750
Claiming my Vanillite, my Lickitung, TM Rest + TM Double Team, and deducting my bid monies; also claiming an electric gem.

Bid: -$4,600
New Total: $18,150
so, tbh, missed the part about the 10 EMs on Kyogre.

Here they are:
MT Icy Wind, MT Mimic
TM Ice Beam, TM Roar, TM Earthquake, TM Protect, TM Thunder, TM Psych Up, TM Substitute, TM Sleep Talk.
Quote:Gray wins temp Xurkitree for 6 months with 10 EMS for 30k

Gray wins Lapras and Leftovers for 35k

$194,000 - $65,000 = $129,000
Claiming the Ditto.
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