End of Summer Auction!
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Credits to shadowhatesomochao for this piece being used!

With Summer almost ending in a month, why not host an early "End of Summer!" URPG Auction! It'll be another live auction, hosted by ya boi Mikey57, back at it again with the memes and super awesome things to auction off! There will be free food, voice chatting, and memes! Lots of memes!

But we need your help! We're not exactly 100% sure on when we should HOST said Auction! We, of the URPG Staff, discussed and figure for the date to either be Friday August 31st, Saturday September 1st, or Sunday September 2nd! We'd like YOU, the URPG Members, to comment below on what date(s) work best for you! If there's a certain time of day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) that works best for you as well, please say so! We'll collect the information by Saturday, August 18th, and will announce the date and time shortly after!

But a quick note, PLEASE do comment what time zones you are in! We know that the URPG has members all around the globe, and want to make the timing work as best as possible! We WILL be going with the majority vote from the players (This includes time of day, so especially make sure to specify them time zones!), but please understand we want to accommodate to everyone as best as possible!

Grab ya sun tan lotion, kids, cuz we gonna get a rad tan when this Auctions done!
I say it’s probably best on a Saturday so we can stay up late if need be.
Friday August 31st would be the only day I could take part; I work the other two days listed and wouldn't be able to call out oof.
I could only do Friday if it was after 6p PST. My vote is for Saturday the 1st. I don't have a ton of money though so don't cater to me too much lol
The Auction will take place Friday, August 31st at 6pm PST/7pm MTN/8pm CT/9pm EST!
The following win a gem of their choice!:


The Following won these items in the Auction! (Gray/Xali, don't forget to post your claims in the Legends thread!):

Gray wins temp Xurkitree for 6 months with 10 EMS for 30k

Jacen wins Clamperl and Megastone of choice for 15k

K'sa wins Skrelp with either Poisonium-Z or Dragonium-Z for 20.5k

Gray wins Lapras and Leftovers for 35k

Gold wins Comfey for 4k, Izuru wins free Comfey

Fenris wins Vanillite and Lickitung for 4.6k

Izuru wins the Chatot and 3 claimable EMs for 5k

Xali wins Ditto (With HA) and Temp Kyogre that has 10 EMs of choice for 6 month for 140k


K'sa Wins Nugget aka 10k
K'sa Wins Salac Berry
K'sa wins a TM Toxic
K'sa wins a TM Hyper Beam
K'sa wins a TM Thunder
K'sa wins a TM Solar Beam
K'sa wins a Weedle

Gold wins Assault Vest
Gold wins a TM Psychic

QE wins a Non-Specialty Z-Crystal of their choice

Axion wins a TM Earthquake

Fenris wins a TM Rest
Fenris wins a TM Double Team

Velo wins a TM Blizzard

Evan wins a TM Fire Blast

Dash wins Ditto (With HA)

Post and Claim your items here! (Also don't forget to subtract your moneys)
Claiming steel gem and my TM EQ
Claiming Comfey and items, as well as a Flying Gem


Thank you Mikey and Elrond!
I claim a Psychium-Z and a Psychic Gem.

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