Individual RP: weirlind120 [Ruined Manor]
Algar could sense the apprehension as he approached, both Babbs and the grassy goat at her side's eyes looking squarely at Pressie. However, that didn't stop him from making a grand entrance, giving Babbs a well-intentioned hug. "It's been too long," he said, trying to take some of the tension off. "Also, this is Pressie! She's been with me for a while now. She's a bit mischievous, but I promise she's well behaved!" With a look, Pressie leaned over and pecked Algar's ear, noticeably annoyed that he'd have to even explain that. Algar recoiled, careful not to launch her off his shoulder, and laughed a bit. Algar noticed Gogoat also begging for attention, and as Babbs assuaged her partner, he reached into his pocket and withdrew a small treat, eagerly giving it to Pressie. If birds could smile, Pressie did there, nearly bouncing on his shoulder as it devoured the tasty snack.

With Pressie entertained, San took a look around. The gate nearby creaked and moaned, both due to its age and use, and it definitely set the tone for the rest of the locale that Algar could immediately see. Dead trees, a cold, whistling wind, and the general eerie looks of disrepair created an atmosphere that made Algar shiver and Pressie perk up even more. After a moment of taking it all in, Babbs gestured them forward, smiling to herself as they went through the gate. After a short walk, a fork in the road differentiated the paths to the house proper, and an old greenhouse. Babbs mentioned how pleasant the greenhouse used to be, and Pressie poked her head in front of Algar's, poking him to move to the greenhouse as well. Algar had to admit, he was intrigued by it as well, and surely a small stop in the garden wouldn't put them out too much. "Ok Babbs, the greenhouse it is!" He said. And finally, to get Pressie to stop nagging him, he stuck his arm out, pushing her into flight. She'd be able to see if anything was wrong from up there, and Algar was sure she would enjoy getting to stretch a bit before a potential encounter.
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