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Babbs knows that mop of silver hair as soon as she sees it emerge from the darkness of the path, this time with an equally dark shadow perched upon his shoulder. Deep-set eyes squint at the figure of the bird, recognizing it quickly to be a Murkrow. Brow raises. Those were usually trouble, tame or wild, so this one would be interesting at least.

There's something flattering about the Trainer running toward her as soon as he recognizes her. It's the small things that keep Babbs' heart toasty, and the relationships she forges with her charges are sometimes the only thing that keeps her in this game. There are mornings when her aching back makes it harder to roll out of bed. She feels the rain in the swelling of her knuckles now before she smells it on the breeze. Even in this moment, she finds herself shifting the weight of her massive pack uncertainly on her shoulders.

She musters a smile for him as he approaches, lifting knobby fingers in a small wave. "Heya, kiddo, I'm doin' great, how about you?" Nana gives a sniff in his direction, though eyes linger somewhat warily on the bird perched on his shoulder. Nana's had enough experiences with Murkow-kind to also know that they're typically trouble, but she tries not to let her apprehension get the best of her. Hoof paws the ground, head lowering to lean her horns into Babbs' kimono affectionately. The old woman gives her the desired scratch behind the ear.

The gates behind them creak slightly in the breeze, reminding them all of why they're here. Even as she turns to look at it, it groans slowly open, straight out of a horror film. And like the good ole generic, death-wishing Caucasians they were, they were gonna be the first to die in it. Babbs smiles and shuffles on through, beckoning Algar to follow.

Skeletal trees bunch in tight on either side. The path races straight to the rickety old manor some fifty or so yards away, but only a couple of feet ahead, there's already a fork. A particularly pebbly path snakes out toward the right wing, toward an overgrown greenhouse missing more than a few panes.

"The greenhouse down that path used to be so nice," Babbs mused, pausing at the path's mouth to gaze nostalgically down it. "I'd be alright with seeing it again, though, if you'd like." She turns a good-natured smile his way. This was a typical sort of adventure; sightseeing, hopefully without too much trouble mixed in.

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