Individual RP: weirlind120 [Ruined Manor]
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[INDENT]The spindly skeleton trees that surround the vast, broken-down complex sway in the breeze, hollow branches clicking together like haunting wooden chimes. The old wood on the Manor creaks and groans along with the trees. A shingle catches in the wind and flops to the ground. The wrought iron fence nestled atop a cobbled half-wall races around the perimeter flakes its rust off into the wind here and here. Babbs leans against her Gogoat near the intricately-cast gate, a gate that drips with overrun ivy.

Nana's about the only Pokemon she has that doesn't absolutely get the heebie-jeebies here. The old goat's just as unbothered by things as her old goat of an owner. Stately horns rest on the back of her neck as she lowers her head to graze from the grass that the rest of her Pokemon would probably never touch. Babbs gives her leaves a fond rustle.

They're waiting for Algar, a kid she recognizes and run she remembers. It was one that didn't last terribly long--though in the kind of heat they'd been in, she couldn't blame him. On their way out, she'd seen a white figure soar from the peaks of the mountains and knew quickly why. She hopes fervently that none of the Manor's legendaries were out and about today--now they were trouble, and unavoidable trouble at that.

Patiently, she lingers and waits. She's not too worried about him; he's been here before.


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