Awesome Art Changes!
Hello, art lovelies! I'm here with some awesome new changes for the section.

Multiple-Capture Submissions!
After some awesome, intense brainstorming from our amazing curators, we finally settled on a system that we liked for the feature you've all been waiting for: being able to capture multiple Pokemon with one art submission!

Here's how it'll work:
  • To determine the rank of a piece aiming for multiple captures, use the Art cash values (found here, under Art for Cash!) of the ranks of the target Pokemon. For reference, they are:
    • Easiest – 3k
    • Simple – 5k
    • Medium – 10k
    • Hard – 20k
    • Complex – 30k
    • Demanding – 40k
    • Merciless – 55k
    • Stupefying – 70k
  • Then, take those numbers, add them together, and round those numbers to the numbers of the nearest rank. So, for example, an Easiest (3k) plus a Simple (5k) equals 8k. 8 mathematically rounds up to 10, which is the Medium value, so the work aiming to capture an Easiest and Simple would need to be of Medium quality!
  • However, the rank must increase by at least one for each additional Pokemon. This means that even though an Easiest and a Medium (10k + 3k) rounds back down to the nearest value, 10k, the rank must go up at least once for each extra Pokemon, so it'd need to be a Hard. Two Easiests (3k + 3k), though, can round down to 5k because the rank is going up by at least one--essentially, you'll never get a Pokemon at its same value and then another one for "free."
  • Remember that the overall quality of the work must rise! Even if you're capturing an Easiest and a Medium at the Hard rank, both subjects and the rest of the work will need to be at Hard rank to pass!
  • The value of a multiple-capture work for legendary requirements is the value that the work passed at, not the two individual values of the Pokemon added together.

If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to ask!

Capture-to-Cash Attempts!
As it stands, once you submit a work for capture, you can't change that after it's been curated. This is to encourage people to use curator feedback to continue to improve. But sometimes, maybe you've done your best and just can't quite get it there yet (it's okay, it happens to the best of us!), or maybe you did it in a bomb-ass medium that just can't be altered again. We don't want your work or your effort to go to waste!

You may opt to turn a capture attempt into a cash piece if you've:
  • Made at least two honest attempts to improve the work based on curator feedback, but still not made the capture.
  • Created the work in an unalterable medium and cannot modify the work within reason (such as, but not limited to: dried or fired clay, ink, acrylic, etc. Note that losing a layered digital file will not count for this--always back up your files!)
  • The work has been lost, misplaced, or damaged after waiting for an extended period of time for the curation giving the advice. If you feel like this applies to you, please speak to your Curator (or, if they are unavailable, an Expert or Head Curator) about this being an option for you and your circumstances.

Art Fourplay!
Art will be following the path of our other lovely creative section, Stories, and hosting their own Fourplay! Every three months, four Pokemon, two Complex Pokemon and two Hard Pokemon will be randomly rolled. This Pokemon will be reduced in rank for the duration of that Fourplay cycle! The Pokemon rolled for each section will be separate--Stories will have their four and Art will have theirs! This is to encourage more art and story deals for different Pokemon!

Art's Fourplay will be rolled in the middle of Stories' Fourplay, to help distribute the creative load for people who want to do both! For example, since Stories' current set is from June 11th to August 11th, Art Fourplay's is starting today, on July 11th, and lasting until September 11th!

And the first round of Art Fourplay Pokemon are...!
    Salandit, Ralts
    Abra, Minior

Sketchbook Changes!
Hey, everyone! We're changing Sketchbook to be a little more forgiving. As it stands now, you need to do 2 weeks straight of sketches every day, in a strict window of time, in order to get the $2,000 bonus. This is harsh if you can't start on a certain day. To alleviate this, we're making some small, but hopefully helpful changes, with hopefully more soon to come!
  • You now turn in Sketchbooks at the end of every month, instead of every two weeks.
  • You will receive $1,000 for every 7 days you kept up a streak.
  • The additional $2,000 for every day for a month will remain, and be given for completing one every day of that calendar month. [SUP](so, yes, technically Februrary is the "bang-for-your-buck" month. Merry Christmas, you get charcoal.)[/SUP]

Happy sketching!

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