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Grandma Babbs' Ranger Log

Legend Progress:

Name: Babbs
Age: 74
Gender: Female

A gentle, kind soul that is thoroughly and classically young at heart. She is a fiery, spirited old woman who refuses to give up no matter what the task. Babbs is incredibly down-to-earth and old-fashioned. The elder is incredibly passionate about Pokemon and is almost too protective of the Park. Cares for every life, no matter how small. Her motherly instinct is top-tier; she will try to nurture just about anything that breathes. Generally easy-going but a bit eccentric. Known for reminiscing about "the old days" but making up total baloney when talking about them to lighten up the mood of nervous or stoic Trainers. Famous for getting names almost right but almost never quite exactly. She makes a mean veggie soup.

In the face of an emergency, she is eerily calm and calculating, traits accentuated by unwavering focus. While she can carve out a way to survive almost anywhere, wooded areas are where her survival skills truly shine. Combine that with her freaky affinity for whipping up crazy concoctions from natural materials in a pinch, there’s a good suspicion that she was some kind of forest witch, but nobody can be quite sure. All that's certain now is that she lives for being a Ranger, and puts her job first no matter what.

She's old, but looks ancient. Papery skin stacks winkles about her narrowed eyes, flowing down to sagging cheeks and drooping jowls. She has a low, wide nose. Eyes are a brilliant blue, stark in contrast to wispy white brows. Snowy hair is always tucked up into an immaculate little bun at the back of her head. Small, round red bauble spears the thin, white hair tie that holds it in place. She's never without her little string of pearls that sits comfortably about her neck, or her matching little pearl earrings.

Babbs' bent posture puts her at a constant 5'2", shorter than most of the Park's visiting teenagers by far. She's always hunched over her gnarled cane--a twisted, knobby crook that curls into a convenient, round grip at the top. Perhaps her poor posture can be attributed to the humorously-massive hiker backpack she carries strangely easily on her back. The woman has a strange spryness and power about her. Though she looks like she'd have issue getting around, it seems like nothing really stops her. One almost wonders if her cane is just for looks or for spells. Sometimes one wonders if it's a weapon of mass destruction.

Not matter the climate, she dons a plain, washed-out red kimono that sweeps all the way down to the ground. Beneath this loose, concealing garment, she stacks layers upon layers of... well, layers. Cold-resistant clothing beefs up her frail-built form to a more normal bulk beneath the kimono, effectively hiding how prepared she really is. Well, except for the massive, steel-toed beige combat boots that poke out from beneath the long sweep every once in a while.

[Image: 334.gif]
Duchess / F / Jolly / Altaria

[Image: 131.gif]
Levi / M / Gentle / Lapras

[Image: 750.gif]
Fabio / M / Serious / Mudsdale

[Image: 758.gif]
Queenie / F / Careful / Salazzle

[Image: 297.gif]
Buu / M / Rash / Hariyama

[Image: 673.gif]
Nana / F / Modest / Gogoat

[Image: Spr_B2W2_Lenora.png]

Name: Elisabet "Eli" Estrada
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Personality: Confident, headstrong, and stubborn to a fault, Eli is a mountain of a woman, stoic and unmovable. Her hard exterior peels away when she's on the job and in her element, revealing a warm and loving Ranger with a glowing maternal instinct. She frets over her charges like one would a child, but also knows when to boot them from the metaphorical nest and find their own two wings. Incredibly reliable, though her "where there's a will, there's a way" can sometimes put her (and sometimes her Trainer) in danger--but never too much for her to get them out of. She's excited by all manner of new things while out on a run, and tracks the "uncatchables" (as she calls them), the wisened, elder Pokemon of the Park who always evade capture, almost obsessively, but maybe if only to know where to steer clear when appropriate. Never a dull moment.

She carries exclusively ridable Pokemon with her, believing that you can't beat the bonding experience of riding into battle with a Pokemon, moving with them as one.

Description: Facelaim of Lenora from B/W. Dauntingly tall at 6'4 or 6'5, depending on the thickness of her boot soles. Dark skin, brilliant blue eyes, billowing hair bleached and dyed to a muted aqua. Pokeballs are arranged on her belt next to a sling of rope, with a sturdy messenger bag slung securely across her chest. She wears loose, belled pants as not to restrict her mobility. In the cold, she sports a dark red jacket frilled with peach faux fur at its edges.
[Image: 523.gif]
Sora the Zebstrika / M / Careful

[Image: 750.gif]
Azim the Musdale / M / Brave

[Image: 752.gif]
Tempest the Araquanid / M / Rash

[Image: 715.gif]
Rose the Noivern / F / Serious

[Image: 879.gif]
Svette the Copperajah / F / Mild

[Image: 59.gif]
Arcturus the Arcanine / M / Lonely


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