Ade's Powers
Contest Credit:5.500$
Items i have:2 Rare Candies,and 1 mega ring
Items i have used:3 Rare Candies, 1 Em on Marshtomp for Ice beam 2 for Mudkip and 1 for Weedle
Win/Lose/Draw record:0/4/0
List of my pokemons Nickname:Crusher(Marshtomp) and Stinger(Kakuna)
Gender:Female and Male
Moves or hidden abilities i did teach them:TM Ice beam for Marshtomp
Exp:Crusher nature is rash and Stinger nature is serious,7exp for Marshtomp and 6exp for Kakuna
How did i get those pokemons:Weedle as my partner pokemon and Mudkip i got it from the pokemart

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