URPG Summer Outreach!
Hey guys! So, I had a random thought, we should try and work on some sort of end of summer invitational!

Just as an fyi before I go into this, I suck at reward systems and balancing them. I also am doing this as a player, and not an official, as I have not run this idea by ANYONE yet.

Right now on URPG, it’s kind of the same users over and over. (Which is fine, nothing against them.) and I think as a community we need to try and work on another outreach!

I will go over what I’d want from each section, and then I’ll add some extra stuff at the end.

Fyi, this isn’t entirely thought out, but I’d prefer to get the ball rolling now while It’s fresh on my mind, and we as a community can work on it together! <3

~Things we should work on.~

•Roleplay Outreach

Onmyo and National Park, have really good footing in my opinion, and we have roleplayers who HAVE been in other communities within the section.

How do we do this though, Jack?

Well!! First, sadly, I don’t have much experience with roleplay specific forums, I have experience with forums that included roleplay. Most users advertised their roleplays through banners, or signatures!
I know this isn’t super helpful, as I’ve put my focus on “what do we do if we get these members” rather than how! And since I’m better at that, I’m gonna make that my focus!

For Onmyo and National Park, we’ll have a newcomer roleplay bonus. This includes:

An EXTRA item pack.

And for the heck of it, to help players launch forward, if they complete a mission in either roleplay section, they get a Mart Mon ticket (or are able to claim, but a mart mon ticket is much more balanced, in my opinion.)

Why give out extra stuff?

A lot of games usually throw a lot of extra free stuff at new players to incentivize them to stay. And I think for once, we should try and take a shot at this formula, what’s to lose?

I don’t want to go too deep into the roleplay sections, as I feel they offer enough to the player. (I feel this way about all the sections, to be frank.)

•Battle Sections

What could we do for battle sections to spice it up???

Ideally, Battle Frontier. But I haven’t been able to follow it too much, so I couldn’t promise this would be out in time.

So I thought about it, and something simple I came up with, was Weekly Battle Rules.

We could either roll them, or preset them, but ideally I’d like to see that the battles each week have some unique twist.

An example could be…

SM Public Open
Helds Off
Sand Weather and Space Terrain
Permanent Trick Room
Roll for first send.

Simple changes to the formula like this would be incredibly fun, and interesting to watch.

No, it would not be a tournament.

Jack, why would we do this setup versus a normal battle.

Well, besides for fun, I think in special cases like this, we could give Referees and Participants a little bonus! (They would be able to do this once per week, I think would be a fair trade off.)


I don’t have the numbers in front of me for the normal gym and tourney bonuses,

Referees: Bonus 500-1k
Winner: bonus 500
Loser: bonus 1k.

Why do losers get the biggest bonus? So depending on the player, I feel like newer users will struggle because their mons will lack EMs. And this way, in this small time period, everyone gets something, and I think for some new invitational, it wouldn’t hurt to give ANY user a small bonus for being a part of this community, new or old.

Besides, it’s once per week per player so the amount of rewards won’t be catastrophic.

(Referees will also only get this bonus once.)

But Jack, these are new players… they won’t have six Pokemon!

That, my URPG voice inside my head, is where premade Pokemon come in!

We will (could, would, idk I’m no battle expert) create a simple selection of say… 30 Pokemon! That each come with 5 EMs, this list could be available for the duration of the event for new players, or any player who has less than 6 Fully evolved Pokemon!

One weekly or biweekly free for all. We could do the invitational rule where people can use their NFE as a FE!

One forum FFA. Separate from the other FFA’s, this would be just another thing to interact in!

Also, a simple (no twists or turns,) tournament!


Simple tbh, I think it would be extremely cool to line this up with the Carnival event!

Also maybe bring back Contest Bosses if Gray has more interest in pursuing this. This project is really fun and adds a bit of spice and variety to the Contests!

weekly, biweekly, or one or two Festivals.
I’m not contest pro but i think some festival could be possible.

One forum Festival. Separate as well!

And a bonus for these staff members as well.

•Writing and Art!

I personally like to base my ideas for the section on what the community wants, so I’m all ears! But here’s what I think:

New players get a story pass and or an art pass.

With this, they get Grader priority. This means that graders will have to do these stories first and ignore the backlog.

And i suppose this could intersect with SWC, but! Who cares I wanna make sure people know their work is appreciated. I’d want for both Curators and Graders to get a small bonus for helping these new players launch into the world of URPG.

Just as an fyi, like I said, I suck at rewards and probably go overboard. But eh! Thats where you guys come in and go “Jack Plz”

•Why do professions get bonuses.

Tbh, a lot of the time in sections we have the same people doing the same things. (Julio or Weir reffing, me grading, Julio curating, Velo roleplaying) those sort of things! And I think i want to help incentivize for ANY player, to join these professions! My perspective could be wrong on how we do this, but I at least want to be proactive about it.


This is my responsibility, but I want to throw a few people from each section into a chat and get this written out.

This will release with this event (if this happens.)

Conceptually for achievements, you will track them, but not in a Points sort of way.

We have two options though:

Total achievements give different rewards, or specific achievements give rewards.

Example 1)
A free Mart mon (15 Achievements earned)

Example 2)
Win a 6v6! - Extra 500 Money
Win a normal contest! - extra 500 CC
Win a gym battle! - Heart scale

Things like this!

I’m all ears

We discussed it before, but Social Media!

Imm not that good with social media, but here’s what I got
-Twitter: Tweet out Art, and the artist/a link to their work.
-Tumblr: Same concept, but include Writing
-A DeviantArt group! (Art, Writing, and whatever else)

And we could have post times be once or twice per week as well! They key to this is stay active and relevant!

With social media would come a new Social Media role, and for every weeks worth of posts, they would get a flat payment. And perhaps a legend tracker as well, depending on the success of this position.

(It would be a hard legend tracker like, they’d earn 1k per the week, then 500,000 legend tracker goal.)

In all:

-Give each section incentive to be active.
-Professions will be rewarded for indulging in this incentive.
-New Players have many chances to get more Pokemon right away, of they choose to be active that is!

URPG has been stagnant, and I understand finals and all of that stuff, but that’s no excuse! We as a community have the power to do something small that could snowball us into more activity, we are a position right now where we could handle a big intake of new members, so we should embrace that and go forward.

If anyone has ideas please please please share! thanks for reading everyone <3
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Hey yoooooo! So I really like the idea of this. I definitely agree that URPG has become stagnant over the recent months, and I hope we can pick things back up.

I mainly want to touch on the social media aspect of this for the time being. I just finished a semester of public relations, in which I was taught all about the importance of social media.

The first, and perhaps biggest, thing I want to say here is that if we do any kind of social media stuff, it has to be kept updated. It can't just be something that's really hyped for a couple weeks, and then after those couple weeks, it's completely forgotten about. For social media to be successful, it has to be active, and it has to be kept updated on a regular basis. I personally recommend some sort of posting schedule for each of the social media outlets URPG decides to use, but I'll leave that up to whoever decides to run URPG social media.

I'll drop some recommendations here for each social media outlet as well.

  • Personally not recommending this one because I don't know how people will feel about their irl friends knowing that they URPG. Some may not care, others may. We do have a secret URPG Facebook group, but that's about the extent of our Facebook presence.
  • If we did start up a Facebook presence, it should probably be a group that anyone can join and comment on stuff.
  • Postings can include art, writings, and the URPG Times. Could also do Facebook polls. Events could also be a possibility for events that we have.

  • The only thing we can really do with this is post memes and art. Probably not the best social media for URPG outreach.

  • Could live tweet some events, like auctions or major battles (Champion, LD, tourney finals).
  • Could also tweet announcements and updates to events.
  • Share art and writing snippets.
  • Twitter polls

  • Jacen can make Showdown style replays of battles that we could then share on YouTube. The only downside is it's time consuming, so it should probably be limited to bigger battles, like LD, E4, or Champion. If it becomes less time consuming, we could probably expand it, but for now, limiting it to those types of battles seems like the best option.
  • If two URPGers go at it on Showdown, we could share those on our YouTube channel. They don't showcase URPG's battle style, but it'd keep our YouTube channel updated regularly.
  • It'd been suggested to have an Intro to URPG video. I know this was tasked to Mikey, but it was honestly tasked to him months ago, before all the drama happened iirc. If he's too busy or unwilling to do it anymore, someone else should probably do it.
  • If anyone wants to do any speed painting videos of their URPG art for YouTube, we could put those up.
  • If anyone wanted to make AMVs or music, we could put those up too (and maybe have them submitted to art too?).
  • If anyone was good with animation, we could maybe animate some National Park runs.
  • Honestly, there's a lot that could be done with YouTube. Please use this.

There's also Reddit, which I believe we have a subreddit on already, but I'm not really sure how we could use this to promote URPG. I'm not too familiar with Reddit at all, unfortunately. If we can use our subreddit more somehow, I say go for it, but I don't have too much in the way of suggestions for thise.

We also have a deviantArt group, but Winter is the head of it right now. Ksa or Sou should try to get that from her, and tbh, I don't know too much about deviantArt groups either (I just made one for PWN and I'm still learning), but I trust them to do what's right.

EDIT: I also forgot about Tumblr, which could also be used to help get the word out about URPG. We could use Tumblr as a way to promote our artists and writers and just discuss Pokemon stuff in general though. Probably the main social medias we should stick with though are YouTube, Twitter, and deviantArt if we're looking to start small, which is likely the best way to go about this. We can expand onto other forms of social media later, but I think it may be best to pick the ones that are most likely to help us grow and promote those first before we expand onto other forms of social media.

Also, this would be a task for Elrond, but any social media we do have, it may be best to have a link to it on the Infohub in some way so that it can be easily found by everyone.
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With regards to social media, I agree that consistent activity is the most important aspect of it. Second most importantly, I think is identifying and targeting an audience. Who do we want to bring into URPG? Aspiring writers? Fantastic artists? Canny battlers? All of the above? While the answer is D, there is unfortunately no 'one size fits all' appeal we can do. Each segment of people we want to bring in, we will need to tailor an approach to, some of which I think both Jack and Mistral approached. Showdown videos could certainly appeal to competitive battlers, but aspiring novelists may turn up their noses. Whereas if we describe our fun writing events and the like to folks on a fan fiction forum, we'll probably make better inroads than explaining that we lift the four-move limit.

Specifically with regards to stories, the section I feel most connected to - what I think we need to focus on is engagement and fostering repeat writers. Rewards is certainly one way to approach that, and while prioritizing a newbie's first story is valid, I think we would do better by both posting more stories ourselves, and by keeping the backlog minimal - both by volume and by time. Having a newbie's initial rush of endorphins fade when their second story takes a month to be picked up will also crush their little hearts. Right now the oldest unclaimed story is from 3/12 - eight weeks. (Not counting Magik's behemoth that is intimidating all of us.) I as a grader want to help fix this, so I'm trying to grade at least one story every two weeks to keep things moving along.

For me as a writer, when a project goes beyond two sittings of trying to write, it becomes progressively harder to finish. Story passes or the X4 mons are nice occasionally, but what they do for me is make me want to write a long story for something that normally I would consider out of my abilities or beyond my comfort zone - which is great, and exactly what I think they're intended for - however they don't actually encourage me to write more stories. I would rather see us reward smaller efforts more frequently, perhaps something like once every three months, you got to claim an extra duplicate Pokemon from a Medium or lower rank story. (Not sure how to work this with a cash attempt, or if we even should.) Having events like SWC, WWC, WaR and WaH are nice in general, but work best if we have participants see it through to the end.
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Related to the replays, which should probably be a different topic, working on those isn't really difficult, just time-consuming, and if anyone is interested in learning it, I can provide what information I know.

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