Individual RP: Axion [Power Plant]
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Ranger San Sū-kagetsu and Jawsmine
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Axion picked up the ball gingerly, as if expecting the Electrode to pop out at any moment. San recalled Connie as the dust settled, and walked over with Jawsmine in tow as they reconvened to plan out their next move. Axion was interested in what else the plant had to offer, so San pointed at one of the doors. It was a large, rusted door, with a huge sign written in red that said "Staff Quarters". Perhaps the allure of human things, or some other phenomenon, had gathered many poison types to that room, and so San advised against going in there unless San was ready for the challenge. "Otherwise," San remarked, himself a little lost, "we can pretty much go anywhere. You can handle yourself pretty well, so I'm not too worried about what direction we go in."

They had a few options outside of the Staff quarters room; a large hallway could take them deeper into the generator room, and two other doors labelled "R&D" and "Pokemon" were nearby. Both options were sound ones for an aspiring electric trainer; in the past life, they had large machines in those rooms, which Electric mons would now feed on to charge up. They might also see the occassional Steel type whichever way they went, which San had to think Axion would enjoy by now. After all, Axion had only sent Steel types, and noted he was searching for Togedemaru, yet another Steel mon. Whichever way Axion chose, San hoped he'd be able to find the Toge and get the heck outta here; if they stayed too long, and the power went out, they could be in for a heck of a lot of trouble. Especially now that, because of Electrode, every Pokemon knew they were there.

Trainer Stats
Axion considered the paths before him; each offered its own encounters, however choosing which way was far harder. Metagross stood stock still ,its machine-intelligence awaiting its next input. He placed his hand on the rocklike-pokemon's nearest leg and closed his eyes. After a moment, he popped them back open and pointed at the R&D lab. "That way Metagross. Lets up the frequency on those calls a bit. With that, metagross began a slow and steady march towards the double doors. Psychic waves emanated ahead of the steel behemoth and the doors opened without any human intervention. Axion strolled along behind, fiddling with Metagross' pokeball for the inevitable next encounter. He had no interest in further weakening Metagross unless necessary, he had brought enough pokemon to ensure that.

The doors led through a short hallway equipped with what appeared to be clean room apparatus, various sprayers and rugs long since decayed to uselessness. The more constrained walls made the togedemaru voice disk echo more loudly, with the somewhat darker corridors giving the area an eerie vibe. Axion could swear he felt the air get colder for a moment, but failed to recall any ghost types on the roster here. He moved ahead of his pokemon companion in order to get a good look at the lab ahead. The computer banks had long been smashed from some pokemon's rampage or another trainer battle. The tables were covered in torn up electronics & glass, likely unfinished projects that had been ravaged by nature in the ensuing years. He looked around at the dark corners of the room before turning to San. "I'm surprised i don't see anything nesting here, seems fairly isolated and abandoned."

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