Universes of Possibility
OP Combo Clause ON
Nervous Clause ON

Three Front Three Back - when startling or inducing Nervous, the send will only affect the three in front for a startle/etc, and only the three behind for Nervousness. Copy alls will only count the three previous appeals as well.
Three Lock - If a participant uses a move that locks the CM, this will only affect the three following turns.
First 1/4th of contestants are considered in "1st" position, while bottom 1/4th are considered in "4th" position.
Attribute will be rolled every round before appeals
Participants who do not send within 20 minutes of the previous round will be considered Nervous and will not make their appeals.

Me being dragged around town by parents elongated this by 2 hours. I had to judge this thing mobile the last three rounds. oof. Don't recommend. Any who, Gengar and Togekiss made better timed copies than furfrou. The others struggled to keep up.

1: Evan with Aran the Gengar 54 :sparkling_heart: (+10 :sparkling_heart: ) ($3000, 3000 CC, Cool Ribbon)

2: Velo with Kayla the Togekiss 51 :sparkling_heart: (+9 :sparkling_heart: ) ($2250, 2250 CC, Cool Ribbon)

3: Liam with Transsexual Transylvania the Solrock 46 :sparkling_heart: (+8 :sparkling_heart: ) ($2000, 2000 CC)

4: Xali with E-Z P-Z the Porygon-Z 43 :sparkling_heart: (+15 ) ($1750, 1750CC)

5: MandL with Aura the Lucario 41 :sparkling_heart: (+9 :sparkling_heart: ) ($1500, 1500CC)

6: Sapa with Cinder the Charmander 36 :sparkling_heart: (+6 :sparkling_heart: ) ($1250, 1250 CC)

7 Gold with Artemis the NUKEM Furfrou-Kabuki 35 :sparkling_heart: (+6 :sparkling_heart: ) ($1250, 1250 CC)

8: Shock with Glaedr the Dragonite 31 :sparkling_heart: (+0) ($1250, 1250 CC)

I judge and make $3000, 3000CC
Current Wages: $4.5k, 4.5k CC
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: grC1OXh]
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