Special Rule FFAs Now Forbidden
Hellooooooo URPG Trainers!!!

We have a few changes we Senior Refs have made to FFAs and want to make everyone is aware so that we're all on the same page.
(Also because April Fools, Special Rule FFA's are NOT forbidden, but you still should run them by the SRs to make sure they're okay.)

Okay, now for the real stuff...

New Rule (Applies to all FFAs)
After recent discussion among the Senior Refs we have decided that we will adopt a standard format for listing active Pokémon during FFAs. Effective immediately Pokémon and their health will be listed in alphabetical order. Furthermore, their speed points are to remain hidden. This is to ensure that no ones hidden abilities (and therefore, sometimes, Zoroark) are revealed before the FFA even begins.

Additionally, the ref may do these at their own discretion:
1. When rolling for abilities like Trace use either the alphabetical list or the true-speeds list.
2. Veto Tiers: A ref may (but does not have to) publicly roll for: Freeze thaw, Confusion smack, Attract immobilization, and full Paralysis only.
3. Late Entries: If the ref posts the stats of all participants, it is up to them whether or not to allow late players to join. In the event that a late player does join they must send a Pokemon, gender, ability, AND move. Furthermore, the ref must provide timely notification of this entry and allow sufficient time for the other players to make any necessary adjustments to their sends. We think an additional 3 to 4 minutes should suffice. Finally, if an ability like Trace, Imposter, Download, etc which requires a roll prior to starting turn one then that ability has to be rerolled using (X+Y) sided dice where X is original amount of mons and Y is new entries. Any roll X keeps the original ability it had and any roll Y is the new ability.

A reminder to all refs: Be consistent with whatever method you choose to ref with for the duration of the FFA.
We hope this makes FFAs a more enjoyable experience for all players and if anyone has suggestions for other improvements feel free to reach out to any of us; we will gladly review it.

As always, happy battling and best of luck to all trainers!

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