URPG Baby Boomers!
[Image: a_pokemon_easter_by_pokemonmasta.jpg]
*A Pokemon Easter by PokemonMasta on DA

Observe as the cult of URPG's finest have bred a fresh KFC! It's that time again URPG, we have the annual URPG Breeding Season; New Life Version 5.7! This year, things are going to be meme'd right up because the Pokemon will NOT be bred with some filthy, overused Ditto! No, this year we will upgrade into this beauty!

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=912&stc=1]

*John pls come back

This specially designed Shemmelt is able to breed with any Pokemon, unlike that loser ditto! Our Shemmelt is top designed and can breed with ANY Pokemon known to man!

*Does not include other babies because we don't support that kind of nasty, Legendary's [Bar Manaphy], Ditto, Unown, and Nidorina/Nidoqueen.

**Shemelt is also more than likely a Stunfisk in a Shelmet helmet and is more than likely something Mikey57 mispronounced on the URPG Podcast

***Ha u red this

Continuing on! We'll be keeping New Life 5.7 the same as the last few years! Members of URPG can pay 2,000$ to earn the chance of winning a cool (or awful) egg of one of their owned Pokemon! That beautiful, amazing egg* will be thrown out of the Shelmet cannon and into your accepting arms! (Like you have a choice, hAH)

*not promising that egg will be beautiful or amazing in the slightest

However! We, like always, offer the opportunity to have your odds of rolling a better/non-mart Pokemon better in your favor! You can REMOVE, that's right, REMOVE Pokemon from your stats, for the right price of course! Our team of Mafia will eliminate 20% of your owned Pokemon off your list for only 7,500$! What a steal! There's ANOTHER offer though! For a limited time until the signup closes, you can eliminate 40% of your Pokemon for only 15,000$! Nobody wants to roll anything but Stunfisks anyway!

Also, one last reminder! The removal % applies AFTER the unbreedables are removed! As Ash describes it;
"i.e. I have 138 Pokémon including Ditto, Mew, Rayquaza, I would remove 20%/40% of 135, not 138"
Please keep this in mind when posting your lists!

Quick reminder of the general rules of New Life!

  • A URPG member may only receive one egg.
  • You need to have at least 3 Pokémon in order to participate. Temporary Pokémon and unbreedable Pokémon are not counted (list of unbreedable Pokémon is found near the top of this post). If you have a temporary Pokémon that you obtained from a trade, make sure to state it somewhere in your post.
  • By paying $2,000, you will receive a Pokémon Egg. Like most transactions, you must post your original cash amount and the resulting deduction.
  • By paying an additional $7,500, you can remove 20% of Pokémon from your stats and they will not be counted in the roll. If you get a number that isn't whole, round down to the next whole number. (14.4 to 14, for example.)
  • By paying an additional $15000, you can remove 40% of Pokémon from your stats and they will not be counted in the roll. If you get a number that isn't whole, round down to the next whole number. (14.4 to 14, for example.)
  • Post which Pokémon you want to exclude.
  • You must provide either a link to a numbered list in your stats or provide a numbered listat the time of purchasing. Do not come here and say "it's in my stats;" I will simply deny your transaction because I'm not going to go hunt down a numbered list for this. I will attempt to monitor this thread and let you know if you forget to post a list, but if I don't see one in your post by the time I start rolling, I'm denying your transaction.
  • People may only receive an egg between the moment this is posted today, Saturday, March 17th and Friday, March 31st (Yes, rolls will be on April Fools Day, we aren't forgetting that exists) at 11:59pm EST! Easter Standard Time will be easier for most to remember and make sure they have plenty of time!
  • After 11:59pm EST on March 31st, (on April 1th: HALLOWEEN-MAS!), the eggs will hatch and you'll get your shiny new Pokémon that you'll have to spend the next 25 years caring for, because America is a mess*!
  • *Can confirm throwing them in the dumpster is a bad way to go about these things; please refrain from rolling the Pokemon you didn't want in my house.
  • You don't have to post to hatch your egg. On the day itself, I will roll the hatched Pokémon for everyone asap! Not only is it less confusing, it is also more convenient.
  • Only Pokémon capable of producing an egg by any means will be hatched. Thus, Pokémon such as Ditto or (most) legendary Pokémon won't be counted.
  • I will not be maintaining a list of who has purchased an egg in this post. When the time comes for me to hatch your eggs, I will simply go through this thread and post everyone's hatched egg. Yes, you should get a notification when it's been posted.
  • PLEASE make sure to keep your list up to date and try not to make any last second changes to your list! We had an issue regarding that last year and want to make sure no confusion happens again!
  • Shoutouts to Liam for letting me steal most of his post from last year tbh :eyes: (who also borrowed the structures from Ash and Felly before, so shoutouts to them too!)
I have 4.5k -2k=2.5k

I have 55 mons barring Giratina and Ditto. Inb4 I roll another mart mon like last year

Additionally I have 15k so removing 40% of 54 mons, which is 22, giving me a pool of 33 mons to roll from.

  1. Noivern
  2. Gengar
  3. Alolan Marowak
  4. Sableye
  5. Banette
  6. Drifblim
  7. Spiritomb
  8. Froslass
  9. Rotom-Wash
  10. Chandelure
  11. Golurk
  12. Aegislash
  13. Trevenant
  14. Gourgeist-Huge
  15. Decidueye
  16. Mimikyu
  17. Alakazam
  18. Tentacruel
  19. Alolan Muk
  20. Cloyster
  21. Kangaskhan
  22. Kabutops
  23. Azumarill
  24. Blaziken
  25. Mawile
  26. Salamence
  27. Lopunny
  28. Weavile
  29. Mamoswine
  30. Electibuzz
  31. Excadrill
  32. Archeops
  33. Hawlucha

I removed the following pokemon in spoiler:
I have 20.5-15 = 5.5k
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=802&d=1507743197]

Img Made by Morru/Mako
69.5k -2k = 67.5k

[FONT=&amp]1. Eevee (starter)
2. Togekiss
3. Charizard
4. Glaceon
5. Gyarados
6. Espeon
7. Garchomp
8. Arcanine
9. Sylveon
10. Umbreon
11. Raichu
12. Lycanroc-Midday
13. Sceptile
14. Metagross
15. Primarina
16. Clefable
17. Roserade
18. Heracross
19. Venusaur
20. Jolteon
21. Infernape
22. Gardevoir
23. Greninja
24. Politoed
25. Mismagius
26. Blaziken
27. Gengar
28. Crobat
29. Alolan Ninetales
30. Golurk
31. Flygon
32. Aggron
33. Alakazam
34. Nidoqueen (because of silly GF)
35. Cradily
36. Salamence
37. Empoleon [/FONT]
38. Weavile
39. Flareon
40. Gastrodon
41. Azumarill
42. Espurr

  1. Arcanine
  2. Dusknoir
  3. Jolteon
  4. Gengar
  5. Golurk
  6. Scyther
  7. Lapras
  8. Tyranitar
  9. Gastrodon
  10. Ludicolo
  11. Nidoking
  12. Swampert
  13. Crobat
  14. Spiritomb
  15. Infernape
  16. Dragonite
  17. Aggron
  18. Poliwrath
  19. Machamp
  20. Gliscor
  21. Ninjask
  22. Shedinja
  23. Espeon
  24. Seaking
  25. Blastoise
  26. Venusaur
  27. Cloyster
  28. Roserade
  29. Empoleon
  30. Eevee
  31. Simipour

Mons removed:

Smoochum as not eligible

Ed 3/29 as got Simipour from auction, ed 3/31 AM because Lairon had evo'd (was removed and is still removed)
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Time to give Shemmelt some weary2 action!

49000 - 2000 = 47000

1. Lucario
2. Infernape
3. Blaziken
4. Scrafty #1
5. Scrafty #2
6. Pangoro
7. Machamp
8. Hawlucha
9. Mienshao
10. Gallade
11. Electivire
12. Kommo-o
13. Toxicroak
14. Flygon
15. Swampert
16. Crobat
17. Dusknoir
18. Roserade
19. Beheeyem
20. Magnezone
21. Carracosta
22. Typhlosion
23. Tyrantrum
24. Metagross
25. Glalie
26. Spiritomb
27. Togekiss
28. Whimsicott
29. Sigilyph
30. Muk
31. Eevee
[Image: 20200111_152853.jpg]
Might aswell get some trade fodder. There's the numbered list on my Stats: Index

Money: $79,000 - $2,000 = $77,000

Up to date numbered list available here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/nitro/topic/80...ost8098783
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[18:11] Nitro: hello
[18:12] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) knew there was another cool guy in here
Okay, let's do this.

$10,500 - $2,000 = $8,500

Numbered list is available here.
i would like to try for an eggy 27,750 - 2,000 = 27,750


just use the drop list for numbers

thank you
I've already removed Meloetta and Ditto from the list. Total 82 mons to be rolled.

$101,000 - $2,000 = $99,000

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