Monthly Art Theme: March 2018
Monthly Art Challenge: March 2018 Edition!

Here's the run-down on how it works. Every month, I'll post a set of themes or parameters to follow. URPG members can make art, using any medium, and if it's posted during that month and fits the theme appropriately, they earn cash in addition to the Pokemon they're trying to capture, regardless if it passes or fails. Curators will also earn a bonus if they curate a piece of artwork in a timely manner.

For now, this is only applicable to artists twice per month as a trial period. If it works out, the limit might be removed. We'll see. Curators receive a bonus for all the art they curate, so long as it's in the correct time frame.
Curators, please address the theme when you curate a piece of work to tell the artist if their art applies to the bonus or not. Artists, please use common sense when fulfilling the themes. The art should incorporate one of the themes in an important/meaningful way to qualify for the bonus.

For example, if the theme is the ocean and an artist only draws one seashell sitting in the corner, this does not count for the theme. This goes for colors too—they should have some meaning and be purposeful, not just be there on a whim or by lucky chance. If desired, artists can type out a short paragraph explaining which themes they went for and why they think it fits that month's parameters.

**Note that the monthly theme only applies to capture attempts and not cash.

However, this bonus does count toward your Legend Tracker for both artists and curators.

For Artists:

  • Simple or Easiest Rank – 2k
  • Medium Rank+ - 5k

For Curators:

  • 1k extra per piece
  • Must be curated before 1 week after the month ends

March Prompts

Genre prompt is suspended still at this time.

The month of love has left us and in its wake March has come marching forward bringing us ever closer to the beginning of spring and St. Patrick’s day. Interestingly, March, according to the earliest Roman calendar’s was named after Mars, a god of war, making the start of the war season. But such times have long left us, and when most think of march, they envision greenery, whether that be because of the knowledge of the plants soon to bloom or the ever popular St. Patty’s day.

Not as well known, March is also the birth month of Dr. Suess, a world renown author of children’s books. As such, it may inspire art pieces that incorporate books, the classical art style in which it was drawn or rhyming words.

Interestingly, March’s birthstones, Aquamarine and Bloodstone are both symbol’s of courage and help fit the narrative of war as it was named. Though nothing like it was then, March is still linked to those days in which fighting, heroism and conquest were a way of life. It is also from those days, that the Shamrock is considered a secondary flower of March, a sturdy flower that survives the elements, a champion survivor as some would call it and fitting as the symbol for St. Patricks day. The more well known flower this day for March however is that of the Daffodil, speaking of trust, honesty, and true love; a direct contrast to the theme of war March was based upon. It’s signs on the other hand are Pisces and Aries.

With spring upon us, rather then looking to the past, in this day, we think of bugs returning for the warm weather and those once barren trees begin to bloom and sprout leaves. It’s a month of beginnings, or new growth rather as March is also seen as a month dedicated to the continuation of life or fertility.

Thanks to everyone who lent their suggestions and remember that February still counts until the 7th of this month! Let’s March forward together everyone!

Applicable themes are:

• War / Fighting
• Greenery / Bugs or Bug type pokemon
• Books or story rhymes (as in words w/ or in your art)
• Courage
• Shamrock / Daffodil
• Trust / Honesty
• New life
• “Marching” (moving) forward

Feel free to post any art within the month of March including one or more of these things to receive the bonus. If you could, please put a [MAR] tag in the thread name or on the art pieces you want to count for that month. Remember, artists can only get the bonus twice. Once we see how this plays out, it may be adjusted.

Got an idea for next month? Share it in the thread!
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Alright! We are really getting into April now so I'll type out the suggestions we discussed a week ago in the chat!

- flowers
- fools/pranks
- awakening
- meteors
- Ape-ril (monkey Pokemon)
- Grape-ril (fruits!)
- Aries and Tauros star signs (horned Pokemon)
- the birthstone Diamond (shiny, sparkly Pokemon?)

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