Galentine's Day Auction Claiming Thread!!
Come claim your crap ya lovely, space oracles of Pokémon RPGs!!!

@JacenBoy; 2k: Claim one, gift the other: Smoochum, Igglybuff

@Luckgrandor; 24k: Claim one, gift the other: Corsola, Snubbull
@Mistral; 10.25k: Claim one, gift the other: Zigzagoon holding Leftovers, Rockruff
@Dash; 15k - Claim one, gift the other: Pyukumuku holding TM Flash Cannon, Pyukumuku
@Sou; 50k - Claim one, gift the other: Komala, Stufful

@GrayMagicGamma; 130k - Claim one, gift the other: 3 month temp legend, 3 month temp legend (each temp comes with 10 EMs to be claimed and posted by owner in the legend log)

All those who participated get a Heart Mail! Inside the mail is a lovely Galentine's Day present from me to you: an item voucher for ANY ITEM in the Pokémart! Literally anything other than a Pokémon, e.g. a megastone, a z-crystal, an HM, a link cable, LUMINOUS MOSS, any one thing! These are the people who DM'd me (as well as Mikey for helping me out and thus not being able to participate, yet still contributing like a beast <3); if you're not on this list but were there, please contact me and I'll give you the okay, copy past my message and then claim in here!

@The Artist...; @Xali; @Morru; @Dash; @Synthesis; @Sou; @Monbrey; @GrayMagicGamma; @Nitro; @Ataro; @Ash K.; @DeKreuger; @Luckgrandor; @Soulmaster; @JacenBoy; @Mistral; @Mikey57; @Ralin;

Thank you all for your participation and fun!!! I hope you enjoyed the auction and will be around for the next one!
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Claiming my participation Heart Mail and Item Voucher. Thanks! I call dibs on hostibg next V-day auction :triumph:
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Elrond - Today at 1:43 PM
stop it morru we all know ur fursona is a Houndoom crossed with a thestral

evanfardreamerToday at 6:27 AM
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claiming heart mail and item voucher <3 Thanks for hosting
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Claiming Sumika the Magearna for 3 months. [MENTION=6781]Dash[/MENTION]; gets a temp legend of his choice for 3 months. Also claiming Heart Mail and Alakazite.

156,250 - 130,000 = 26,250
Claiming Item Voucher, ty ty
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[18:11] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) nitro, you in here?
[18:11] Nitro: hello
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Claiming Igglybuff and giving Smoochum to [MENTION=7199]Ralin[/MENTION];
Also claiming the heart mail and item pass.

$69,500 - $2,000 = $67,500
Claiming item voucher and Snubbull, the Corsola is going to @bugaloo
Liam sez: Oh yea!! Copy paste this message to claim your mail!! Thanks for participating! I'mma claim a Heart Mail and an Ampharosite with my Item Voucher. Thank you!
Claiming the item voucher! =)
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Claiming the Heart Mail and the Item Voucher. I'm going to go ahead and claim the Zigzagoon holding the Leftovers, and I'm going to gift Mikey the Rockruff.

$21250 - $10250 = $11000
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