URPG Challenges (needs someone to finish this)
Hi. Here's something Ely and I were working on over our last little while in Staff, before some bigger things disrupted this particular thing. A rehaul of URPG Challenges:

Should be publicly viewable but require access to edit. If anyone wants that access, hmu and I'll pass it along. I don't have the time or interest to work on this now, but obviously I don't want the amount of work that I did put in to be erased. This spreadsheet needs to be filled out, although the distribution between sections is completed. After Hours needs to be scrubbed and Onmyo needs to be added.

THE BASIC FRAMEWORK OF THE IDEA was to hand out prizes at point thresholds TBD, ranging from cash to TM bundles to Pokemon. This system rewards progression, incentivizing basic shit like winning a 4v4 but also hoping to teach skills like knowing how to block status with Substitute.

The challenges worth 10 or 25 points are really fucking easy, so all you have to do is invest minimal effort and some time, ideally across multiple sections (expand your horizons), and you'll get to like 250 or 500 in no time. We were thinking 250-750 points for a Simple mon was something that would make sense, from which point you could scale accordingly for better/worse prizes.

One of Monbrey's ideas too was to have some achievements rotate within a time frame -- one month, three months, a year, none of this large-scale ideas were ever settled -- allowing for certain prizes to be repeatable over time. Basically, you have some flexibility with where this goes, because we never actually decided.

Hopefully opening this up helps get this project to completion, and frankly, it probably never benefitted from being a Staff project over a community project anyway.
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To elaborate on my part of the idea, it was based on the "Daily Goals/Login Calendar" system that a lot of mobile games utilise to keep players coming back every day. If you complete a set of basic tasks, you get in-game currency (for example).

In URPG, this could look like "Win a battle, Win a contest, Post in a RP". Tasks that can easily be completed in a day. Could reward Daycare Passes or something.

Expanding on that, weekly/monthly tasks could also fit. Nobody is going to write a story every day, but one a month would be reasonable. Art sketches could be a weekly task.

Up for discussion, depending how many in each set, if they all need to be completed or not. For example, if one month you didn't write a story but reward threshold was 80%, completing 4/5 tasks would be sufficient. Earning a Pokemon for meeting activity for a month could be reasonable.

Up to Staff to set the rewards though.
Small note but the "small, daily challenge" system has already been implemented into the art section through the sketchbooks, and imo is quite a success (as an outside observer). It encourages small, lower effort (thus less stressful) participation without interrupting the full artwork parts of it, for a small reward. I think it's a great idea.
Hey! I love this idea! Its really cool!

As for daily goals, weekly/monthly/seasonal goals, I think that’s a great idea!

Fabled is right, the art section does have the sketchbook system in to reward frequent action (except… that its nearly a month and a half behind on payments, so in reality people putting in daily effort have hardly been rewarded for that, yet.). Due to the speed that the art section progresses, and the backlog stretching back to October (I think?) I propose that the Art sections goals be seasonal (3 monthly). So like “Submit 3 artworks during Spring! Submit 3 artworks during summer!” etc. Something simple.

AH also had an activity reward system going, based on collecting tokens weekly for completing posts and tasks. Unfortunately, that idea doesn’t seem to transfer well into National Park or Onmyo, because players have very limited areas where they’re allowed to post and play- and if their navigator or (whatever park refs are called) haven’t posted that week, then they can’t just forge ahead and double post. If there was to be a reward system for these areas, I think it would need to be monthly (like, 3 posts in a month, that seems achievable at the rates most threads are going, right?).

The story section seems more active, and more actively graded. A story a month could be a cool goal- otherwise, perhaps it could also be a seasonal thing because of the size of the stories? What about 10,000 characters a month? That would encourage more stories more often, but not necessarily big long epic ones- so I’m not sure if you guys would want that! Someone more in touch with the stories section should totally weigh in on this one! I lurk, but I’m hardly active there.

Battles, I don’t know anything much about ;_; Tell you what, I’m having a hard time picking up fights lately, so maybe an achieveable goal would be to have a fight once every fortnight?

Activity goals sound great! Some reasonable goals could be--
Battles- 1 per fortnight
Stories- 1 per month
Onmyo- 3 posts per month
National Park- 3 posts per month
Art- 1 submission every season

Yeah, didn’t we already have an achievement system but there were not really any rewards? I feel sure there was a thread about it somewhere!

Cash or pokemon as rewards both seem good- since cash can buy TM’s and pokemon too. I’m actually wondering why we would need a separate points system for the achievements? I mean, what if we just have a checklist of easy/medium/hard difficulties of achievements?

Then say like;
6 easy checkpoints gets an easy or simple mon
3 medium checkpoints gets a medium mon or (whatever they’re usually worth in the mart)
Here, I’ll draw a scorecard picture based on the spreadsheet that Nitro posted!
[Image: 6gIWymF.jpg]
Okay, that doesn’t scale well, and I’m sure most of the players here are after mons of hard/complex/ demanding kind of ranks anyway, so perhaps its irrelevant to the playerbase we’ve got.
Still, it would encourage activity in some areas, if people HAD to check off all the boxes in one area in order to get a reward- rather than just cherrypicking stuff and getting rewards randomly? It makes more sense to me to give the achievements a completed/not completed kind of status, rather than a numerical value. But, I’m the kind of person who likes lists, and ticking things off.

Points and Rewards!
Yay for rewards! Lets make ‘em clear from the get go! What do people want to be rewarded with?
And- Should we have a points system, or just checkboxes? If you can only achieve the achievements once, why not just tick off when they’re done?

Finally, just reading through the spreadsheet, I have a few more specific comments, if this list is gonna be the one rolled out (which, why not! With a bit of polishing and finishing, we can totally use these cool ideas that have already been worked on! Also I like the puns and wordplay.)

General- Achievements seem fine! Seems scaled well! Not too long, or too short.

Stories- Achievements seem good! I’m not too active in this section but they all seem possible, theoretically. Perhaps “Editor in chief” Should go down from 100 stories to like, 50? I don’t honestly know if 100 stories have even been submitted!! (but… I doubt it?)

Art- Theres a lot in this section about capturing different pokemon- can one submission technically cross off multiple achievements? I ask this because… getting pokemon through art is very slow. Even some of the apparently easiest achievements like “get $25,000 from art in a single month” Are completely unachieveable, because like… literally nothing has been graded in two months. Similarly, “Gallery” and “Art Professor” also seem unachieveable because, firstly, nobody is doing art for complex mons, or grading them, or catching them. Or maybe I’ve missed something and its happening over on PXR!

Battles- Sooo… this section is bit bigger than the others, which means with the checklist system it would take more effort to gain rewards, whereas with the points-based achievements system, this can be a rewards cash-cow for the active battlers who don’t participate anywhere else onsite. But, then again, ain’t we all here to battle? HECK YES WE ARE! I mean, apart from collecting, its one of the main mechanics of pokemon that we all probably love. So, I’m in two minds about it. The actual achievements themselves I can’t comment on, since I’m such a noob battler, sometimes I don’t even understand what the achievement even means! Can someone who does more battling look over this?

Contests- Looks like a good size of achievements. Apart from that, I’m clueless! More clueless than battles! Can someone look over this who does contests more? All I’ve got to say on achieveability is that there really doesn’t seem to be contests running lately either- are these realistic, for the future? I’d like to learn more about this!

National Park- Looking a little sparse- can an experienced Park Ranger fill in a few more things they think are reasonable to achieve? Theres a few mid range ones missing, a hard and ultra-hard stage achievement missing, and some of the ranger ones are missing too!

After Hours- Well, that’s N/A

Onmyo- Not Present? I guess it wasn’t around a year ago. I’d be happy to make up a list of stuff with the other Navigators. Shall we? @Surfer Liam; @Ralin; @WalabyX; @Origamidragons; @VeloJello;

Ain’t no TLDR for that last chunk, sorry!
I'm still interested in helping set this up- but nobody else posted, or answered any of my questions! I'm pretty new, and don't really have any authority, so it would be cool if like, literally anyone else piped up!


Looking back at the challenges from the past- the big list that is on the ultradex- what was wrong with the old system? There certainly seems to be a lot of challenge points up for grabs, even though there are no prizes mentioned anywhere.
Perhaps it would be easier logistically if we just use that, and some officials can maybe agree on prizes and the points at which they are earned?

Maybe it can simply be a total thing- rather than a points-to-spend (which makes things simpler to keep track of)
When you reach;
1000 points, a simple mon or 5,000
2000 points, a medium mon or 10,000
4,000 points, a hard mon or 20,000
6,500 points, a complex mon or 30,000
8,800 points, a demanding or merciless mon or 50,000
10,000+ points a challenge legendary?(the total possible is 10,180!)

Or, well, someone should alter those numbers so they scale well for people. I'm not sure of comparable prices of stuff, yknow?
My personal opinion is that a lot of the old challenges don't really feel like challenges. I mean, look at the first few in the battling section:

  • [10] Battler – Participate in a battle *
  • [10] Hidden Master – KO a Pokémon using a move taught by a HM
  • [10] Technical Master – KO a Pokémon using a move taught by a TM
  • [10] Daycare Master – KO a Pokémon using a BM
  • [10] Tutor Master – KO a Pokémon using an MT.
  • [10] Special Master – KO a Pokémon using an SM.

I think there's a certain amount of value to having beginner challenges like "participate in your first battle"--sort of like you might find in a video game with an achievements system.

That being said, a lot of the simpler ones like the other five in this list just seem like they'd be tedious to keep track of.

I liked one of Ralin's suggestions, which I believe was "win all the gym badges from a single region." It's large enough to be worth a prize on its own, instead of having to meticulously track points. As a bonus, it's not something you'd have to track separately in your stats since you can already see all the badges you've won and track progress that way. This particular example is logistically a little difficult, since most (all?) of our gym regions aren't full right now, but it's the kind of thing I think we should be shooting for.
[MENTION=7050]Elrond[/MENTION]; a lot of the old challenges are very similar to that list of new challenges- did you like the new ones in the spreadsheet proposed by Nitro better? They did seem to have less fiddly low-grade achievements.
I can see why you'd think those initial challenges are superfluous, and maybe they are for long time players - but i know for sure that I haven't done most of those ones you listed there and I've been here for a year (because it takes money to buy BM, MT and SM I assume- and when you can't battle and the other sections take weeks to get a single post... it's easy to get stuck). New players like to be rewarded for doing some of the smaller things - I think simplifying the challenges to the monumental (And literally impossible) task of collecting gym badges from a whole region will not generate any activity with newer players.
1) It takes a long time just to get enough Pokemon for a 6v6, when you're just starting the game
2) To then have those Pokemon leveled and TMd appropriately takes a bunch more time (months at least, years more likely at the rate most sections go)
3) To win a gym battle against a person who has been strategizing for a certain type for a decently long time, who can literally hire good Pokemon if they don't own them... is very difficult for a newcomer.
4) To do that for an entire region, with some gym leaders being very inactive, would take years.
This is why I'm not in support of doing away with smaller challenges and small rewards. That said, collecting all the gym badges should totally be a difficult ranked/ high scoring achievement!

What do you think about my rewards proposition? Do they seem appropriate? Do they scale well?
So! To get this big ol' ball rolling, reach out to me on Discord if you have interesting in making this!
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DM for editing privileges to the spreadsheet, if anyone wants it
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