Hidden Power Changing Station the First: Welcome to the NewRPG
Hydreigon - Dragon -> Grass
Venusaur - Flying -> Ice
Noivern - Steel -> Grass
Galvantula - Steel -> Ice
Clawitzer - Ghost -> Fire/Grass
Raichu - Rock -> Ice
Crobat - Dark -> Ground
Salazzle - Bug -> Ice
Rapidash - Steel -> Ice
Charizard - Electric -> Ice
Lugia - Rock -> Fire
I'll go ahead and approve all the peeps before me now that I read that I can do that lol...
This applies to: K'Sariya, Mikey, DeKrueger, Weirlind120, MagikChicken, GrayNine, and Loyal Arcanine :O

This guy also got skipped fsr, prolly for kicking the bot.
I approve nonetheless. Approve me back Ataro >:/
changing some stuff in my stats

Lanturn: Rock -> Grass
Galvantula: Flying -> Ice
Arcanine: Ground -> Ice
Rotom-Wash: Flying -> Ice
Raichu: Fighting -> Ice
Porygon-Z: Rock -> Fighting
Manectric: Fire -> Ice
Electivire: Grass -> Ice
Alakazam: Electric -> Ice
Porygon2: Flying -> Fighting
Heliolisk: Ghost -> Ice
Charizard: Water -> Ice
Froslass: Bug -> Ground
Chandelure: Water -> Ice
Skarmory: Bug -> Ground
Spiritomb: Ground -> Steel
Closing the thread now since this is over! As well as that, you're approved [MENTION=3467]Xali[/MENTION];. Congrats, you get to be part of the final post!
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