Official Hidden Power Changes
Hey guys, its time to announce a large change in terms of a move and how it'll be working from now on in URPG.

Hidden Power's always been a weird case in terms of a TM, as you were not able to affect or choose your type, and had to roll for it. This, of course, meant you could be very lucky and get the Type you wanted on your first try, or you could spend upwards to 10+ times trying to do so. However, we are now getting rid of that system, in favor of a new one.

From here on out, you will be able to choose your Hidden Power type.

There will be multiple changes coming along side this, so its important that you read through each point at the bottom, but its been overall agreed on that this change is for the better in Battles and other sections.

  • Hidden Power's price is now $4,000. Due to the randomness factor being removed, the TM itself is worth more and has a lot more value attached to it since you're able to change the type.
  • Any time that Hidden Power is taught to a Pokemon or you earn a Pokemon that learns Hidden Power via Level Up, you must post the type that you want in the Pokemart. Your Hidden Power must also be linked to this in your stats.
  • Reroll Stations will now be Changing Stations, and will take place the same amount of times that they used to; once every 6 months for 2 weeks. Hidden Power changes in these stations must still be approved by a Staff Member or Senior Referee.

And finally, to go with this, there will be a free Changing Station that will go on for the next month that you can find here. All changes done here are entirely free until February 28th, in which it will be closed. As stated above, all changes will have to be approved by Staff or Senior Referees.

Thanks to everyone who discussed this in Trainer's Court, and to everyone else. I wish you all the best of luck in school and your life endeavors, and best of luck in whatever URPG endeavors you may face next!

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