CowboyJake's stats
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#8: Lloyd the Metagross
Modest Nature
Abilities: Clear Body, Light Metal (Locked)
9-man FFA champ! 10/11/18
Obtained: Mart
Natural Moves: Agility, Bullet Punch, Confusion, Hammer Arm, Hyper Beam, Iron Defense, Magnet Rise, Metal Claw, Meteor Mash, Miracle Eye, Psychic, Pursuit, Scary Face, Take Down, Zen Headbutt
10 Added Moves: Double-Edge, Earthquake. Explosion, Power-up Punch, Protect, Telekinesis, Substitute (TM/HM)
Ice Punch, Iron Head, Thunder Punch (MT)

Contest Eligibility:
[Image: 196.gif]

#9: Jareth the Espeon
Male, Calm Nature
Abilities: Synchronize, Magic Bounce
Obtained: Mart
Natural Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Baton Pass, Bite, Charm, Confusion, Covet, Double-Edge, Focus Energy, Future Sight, Growl, Helping Hand, Last Resort, Morning Sun, Power Swap, Psybeam, Psych Up, Psychic, Quick Attack, Refresh, Sand Attack, Swift, Tackle, Tail Whip, Take Down, Trump Card
9 Added Moves: Calm Mind, Dazzling Gleam, Mimic, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Zap Cannon (TM/HM)
Wish (BM)
Heal Bell, Signal Beam (MT)

Contest Eligibility:
Hyper Cute (Proof)

Contest Mastery:
Cute Master 8/8/17 (Proof)
[Image: 395.gif]

#10: Dupont the Empoleon
Female, Adamant Nature
Abilities: Torrent, Defiant (Locked)
Obtained: Mart
Natural Moves: Aqua Jet, Bide, Brine, Bubble, Bubble Beam, Drill Peck, Fury Attack, Growl, Hydro Pump, Metal Claw, Mist, Peck, Pound, Swagger, Swords Dance, Tackle, Water Sport, Whirlpool
6 Added Moves: Brick Break, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam, Stealth Rock, Surf (TM/HM)
Aqua Ring (BM)

Contest Eligibility:
[Image: 462.gif]

#11: Maxwell the Magnezone
Docile Nature
Abilities: Magnet Pull, Sturdy, Analytic
Battles: 9
Contests: 9
Obtained: Mart
Natural Moves: Barrier, Discharge, Electric Terrain, Electro Ball, Flash Cannon, Gyro Ball, Light Screen, Lock-On, Magnet Bomb, Magnet Rise, Magnetic Flux, Metal Sound, Mirror Coat, Mirror Shot, Screech, Sonic Boom, Spark, Supersonic, Swift, Tackle, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Tri Attack, Zap Cannon
4 Added Moves: Charge Beam, Reflect, Volt Switch ™
Magic Coat (MT)

Contest Eligibility:
[Image: 348.gif]

#12: Schopenhauer the Armaldo
Female, Relaxed Nature
Abilities: Battle Armor, Swift Swim
Obtained: August 2017 (Revived from Underground)
Natural Moves: Ancient Power, Brine, Bug Bite, Crush Claw, Fury Cutter, Harden, Metal Claw, Mud Sport, Protect, Rock Blast, Scratch, Slash, Smack Down, Water Gun, X-Scissor
7 Added Moves: Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Earthquake, Rock Slide (TM/HM)
Aqua Jet, Cross Poison, Knock Off (BM)

Contest Eligibility:
Super Tough (Proof)
[Image: 681.gif]

#13: Machera the Aegislash
Female, Brave Nature
Abilities: Stance Change
Battles: 1
Contests: 1
Obtained: Berry Store
Natural Moves: Aerial Ace, Autotomize, Fury Cutter, Head Smash, Iron Defense, Iron Head, King's Shield, Metal Sound, Night Slash, Power Trick, Pursuit, Retaliate, Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak, Slash, Swords Dance, Tackle
8 Added Moves:
Brick Break, Flash Cannon, Reflect, Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, Toxic ™
Destiny Bond (BM)
Magnet Rise (MT)

Contest Eligibility:
[Image: 625.gif]

#14: Bactrian the Bisharp
Male, Timid Nature
Abilities: Defiant, Inner Focus, Pressure (Locked)
Battles: 1
Obtained: Berry Store
Natural Moves: Assurance, Embargo, Feint Attack, Fury Cutter, Guillotine, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Leer, Metal Claw, Metal Sound, Night Slash, Scary Face, Scratch, Slash, Swords Dance, Torment
6 Added Moves: Brick Break, Poison Jab, Taunt, Thunder Wave ™
Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch (BM)

Contest Eligibility:
[Image: 598.gif]
#15: Lin the Ferrothorn
Male, Bashful Nature
Abilities: Iron Barbs, Anticipation (Locked)
Obtained: Trade with @weirlind120
Natural Moves: Curse, Explosion, Flash Cannon, Gyro Ball, Harden, Ingrain, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Metal Claw, Mirror Shot, Payback, Pin Missile, Power Whip, Rock Climb, Rollout, Self-Destruct, Tackle
19 Added Moves: Bulldoze, Cut, Flash, Protect, Rock Smash, Solar Beam, Strength, Substitute, Swords Dance, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Toxic (TM/HM)
Leech Seed, Seed Bomb, Spikes, Stealth Rock (BM)
Endeavor, Knock Off (MT)

Contest Eligibility:
[Image: 227.gif]
#16: Steelbird the Skarmory
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Abilities: Keen Eye, Sturdy, Weak Armor (locked)
Obtained: Trade with Weirlind, original trainer Magikchiken
Natural Moves: Agility, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Autotomize, Feint, Fury Attack, Leer, Metal Claw, Metal Sound, Night Slash, Peck, Sand Attack, Slash, Spikes, Steel Wing, Swift
2 Added Moves: Toxic, X-Scissor ™

Contest Eligibility:
[Image: 38-alola.gif]

#17: Hegel the A-Ninetales
Male, Gentle Nature
Abilities: Snow Cloak, Snow Warning
Obtained: Contest Carnival '17
Natural Moves: Aurora Beam, Baby-Doll Eyes, Blizzard, Captivate, Confuse Ray, Dazzling Gleam, Extrasensory, Feint Attack, Grudge, Hex, Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Icy Wind, Imprison, Mist, Nasty Plot, Payback, Powder Snow, Roar, Safeguard, Sheer Cold, Tail Whip
3 Added Moves:
Encore, Freeze-dry, Moonblast (BM)

Contest Eligibility:

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