URPG Public Moderation Log

EmpireCrusher203 was banned from URPG chats in 2016.

Reason: Excessive instances of trolling and spamming the chat.

weirlind120 was temporarily banned for three months on November 28, 2017.

Reason: Repeated instances of harassment.

Menegoth was banned from URPG chats for two months on December 14, 2017.

Reason: Excessive Trolling

Menegoth was kicked from the chat because he changed his nickname to just "yeet.” He was told that he needs to have his username in his chat name but he did not reply and changed his playing status to "urpg is gay lol."
Team Evolution

Team Evolution was banned from URPG indefinitely several years ago.

Reason: Staff Leaks

for leaking innocuous staff messages from Pidge. TE's ban term has been revisited and amended to one year, served. More information may be found here.
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Gray Nine and Juliorain

Gray Nine and Juliorain were chatbanned for 3 days (March 17th - March 20th)

Reason: Cool down

Both had been at each others heels in minor and petty arguments for a long time, both have had warnings against them for doing so; they had a productive discussion on which they talked about what they liked/admired about the other and what they wish the other could understand and are to cool off and think about that discussion for the remainder of the chat ban.
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Juliorain was section-banned from the Art section (both submitting art and curating it) for two weeks (December 5th to 12:00pm CT, December 19th).

Reason: Inflammatory and passive-aggressive behavior toward other curators, curating standards, and artwork.

Julio received an initial warning about barbed jabs at/about other art, artists, and curators, and for inflammatory reactions to his own works not passing in late November. The behavior continued, warranting a temporary section ban as warned. We are looking forward to his return to make positive contributions to the changes he wishes to see made!

Luck was section-banned from the Battle section (both normal battles, Battle Royals, FFAs, and partaking in any Battle events/tests) for three months (Now to 12:00pm CT, March 19th, 2020).

Reason: Consistent ghosting of battles and poor form.

Luck received constant warnings, was limited to one battle at a time, and was told if they ghosted on another battle (disappearing for days or weeks at a time) that they would receive a permanent ban. We hope that a temporary ban will help fix this behavior.
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Reason: [Redacted] was banned because they asked for a ban from URPG repeatedly.

The user has appealed and been unbanned.

EDIT 2/7/2021: This ban has been made private at the user's request. A forum ban requires a post here; however, Staff can view this ban here: Ban
Abras are so cute!
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