Getting Started with "Your Sketchbook"
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Sketching is a natural part of the artistic process and no matter the level you are at, most typically start out with a sketch or ‘underdrawing’. A sketch is typically used to catch the feel and movement of what might be used in the final drawing, exploring angles and perspectives to work out ideas. A lot of times, this part of the art process isn’t seen, but tends to be the bare bones or ‘skeleton’ of our final works. It is here where any mistakes or problems are fixed or can be brought attention to and directly affect the final outcome of a work.

As time has evolved, sketches have been shown to be made with all sorts of different mediums, whether it be through more traditional means such as charcoal and pencil, or digitally. They don’t have to be clean, but they do have to show the basic groundwork for a final image, whether it gets developed to that point or not.

The details of the Sketchbook system and how to get started can be found in the Art Encyclopedia! This link will automatically scroll you to the part of the page where you can find the info.
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