The Wheel of New Beginnings — An US | UM Invitational-Exclusive Prize Wheel
Welcome, all, to the activity known as the Wheel of New Beginnings! Once per day of the Ultra Sun | Ultra Moon Invitational, you can pay a small sum of in-game money for the chance to earn in-game prizes.


The rules: Cost for a spin is $2,000 for new players (those who joined on or after August 1, 2017.) The cost for others is $4,000. Each player may spin once each day of the Invitational (not counting Bonus Spins— see below.) Post in this thread in the format:
Current funds: (how many URPG Pokédollars you have)
Bonus Spin Link: (Link to a forum post, if applicable)
Payment: ($2,000 for new players; $4,000 for others)
Change: (Your funds after paying)
...then deduct cash from your stats and post in the wheel’s Discord channel to spin!

A staff member (or myself) will roll a 100-sided die on Discord using our trusty URPG Dicebot— prize odds are as follows:

1-4: 2,500 Contest Credits
5: 1x Ribbon Coupon — Reduces the ribbon requirement of a Pokémon in the Berry Store by 1 rank (doesn’t work on Pokémon requiring a Master Rank ribbon)
6-9: 5,000 Contest Credits
10: 1x Ribbon Coupon
11-14: Berry Bundle — Any 3 different berries from the Berry Store (post in the Berry Store to claim)
15: Contest Essentials Bundle —TM Case: Mimic, Explosion, Thief, and Thunder Wave
16-19: 7,500 Contest Credits

20: 1x Coupon for 50% off any in-character item in the After Hours Soda Shoppe (doesn’t apply to Abilities or Pokémon)
21-24: 9 After Hours Tokens
25: 1x Soda Shoppe Discount Coupon (as above)
26-29: 9 After Hours Tokens
30: 1x Soda Shoppe Discount Coupon (as above)
31-34: 2x Soda Shoppe Level-1 Ability Vouchers

35: 1x National Park Explorer's Pass — Consumable item on National Park runs; rerolls each encounter that was a Poké Mart Pokémon [or evolution of one] on your Park encounter list. One use.
36-39: Free "Admit One" to the current Park event, the Ultra Wormhole (if UW entry has been won/paid for already, this prize becomes a Park Voucher worth 2,500)
40: 1x Bellow Disk [“Borderline” Rarity] — Consumable item on National Park runs; when used, the next encounter becomes a Borderline Pokémon from your current area (you can pick the Pokémon on the disk— post here.) One use.
41-44: 1x Park Voucher for 4,000, useable at the Park Shop and the Park Gates (Beginner, Main, Individual)
45: 1x Oak's Parcel: Consumable item on National Park runs; allows you to see the ranks that have been rolled on the run in which it’s used. One use.
46-49: 1x Park Voucher for 5,500
50: 1x Ultra Relaxing Fragrance

51-54: 2x Random Apricorns (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black)
55: 1x Onmyo Hongbao (Red Package): +3 to a team's levels
56-59: 1x Random Berry (Oran, Sitrus, Pecha, Cheri, Chesto, Rawst)
60: 1x Onmyo Roto Boost (Bargain, Boost, Catch, Exp. Points or HP Restore)
61-64: 1x Random HM (reroll if owned)
65: 1x Onmyo Pokémon Import Pass
66-68: 1x Story Pass
69: "Leftovers"
70-74: 1x Story Pass

75: 1x Free bonus spin of this Wheel
76-79: 1x Free dig at the Underground
80: 1x Free bonus spin of this wheel

81-84: 1x Random TM from the Poké Mart
85: 1x Held Item of your choice from the Poké Mart
86-89: 1x Heart Scale
90: 1x TM of your choice from the Poké Mart
91-94: 1x Evolution Item of your choice from the Poké Mart
95: 1x Any item from the Poké Mart
96-99: 2x Heart Scales
100: 2x Any item from the Poké Mart

Bonus Spins and how to earn them:
Bonus Spins are separate from the 1/day limit; they also cost 2,000 less than your daily spin (meaning they’re free for new players.)
Each time you complete one of the following URPG “quests,” make a post here with a link to the log or the relevant forum post— that earns you a Bonus Spin!

These quests are:
•Taking part in your first ever Battle that involves 3+ of your Pokémon
•Taking part in your first ever Free-For-All battle
•Taking part in your first ever Contest
•Taking part in your first ever Contest Festival
•Submitting your first Pokémon-related story for Grading in the Stories section
•Submitting your first piece of Pokémon-related art for Curation in the Art section
•Getting your first National Park character approved here
•Getting your first After Hours character approved per the instructions here

The Discord chat for the wheel:
Current funds: $74,500
Payment: $4,000
Change: $70,500
VeloJello Wrote:Current funds: $74,500
Payment: $4,000
Change: $70,500
2,500 Contest Credits!
I'd like to spin!!!

$14,000 - $4,000 = $10,000
DarknessRuler Wrote:I'd like to spin!!!

$14,000 - $4,000 = $10,000

An Ultra Relaxing Fragrance!

16.5k-4k=12.5k remaining!
Mikey57 Wrote:Spinnerino!

16.5k-4k=12.5k remaining!

hey i want to use the free spin i won from here
Weasel_Bacon Wrote:hey i want to use the free spin i won from here
1 evolution item of your choice from the Poké Mart!
$214250 - $4000 = $210250

Roll me.
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