URPG Art/Writing Secret Santa 2017!
URPG Secret Santa 2017!
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banner art by Sou!

hey guys we're back and better than ever~~

HO HO HO HAPPY HOLIDAYS, URPG! It's a time for giving, for expressing your gratitude to all your lovers in this game, and for celebrating the happy times we've shared together over the past year. How are we going to celebrate? By having a bomb-dot-com collaboration between the Art and Story sections and receiving MERRY prizes, of course! Get into the holiday spirit, get jolly, and make somebody really happy by writing for that special mon they really like! Put your heart out there, your pencil on the page (WHICH ONE?! THE ART PENCIL OR THE WRITING PENCIL? WHO KNOWS), and get excited!

The Dealio

Now - December 5th: If you want to participate in the fun, please post in this thread and then PM me with the following things:
  • Which categories (Demanding/Complex/Hard) you are comfortable writing for. You will only be paired with one rank, and you will only be paired with someone in the same rank as you.
  • Your top 3 Pokemon from each rank you have entered in! (so if you list yourself as being comfortable in the Hard and Complex rank, you should send me a total of 6 Pokemon)
  • Your section (Art or Stories -- you can enter up to once in each section; if you need to send separate lists for your section, feel free!)

December 6th: The opening window will close and you'll get PM'ed the list of mons that your Secret Santa wants! From there, you should pick one and get writing/drawing!
January 5th: This is when the art/writing window will close. If you don't submit a piece/write a story for your receiver by this time with the specific mon, you will not be receiving a gift mon.
January 6th: Gifts exchanged and names released in the bottom post! Feel free to exchange nice messages on here, too! Stocking stuffers also claimed at this time! <3 Merry Christmas, URPG!

Delibird Stocking Stuffers

If you successfully write for your person and exchange gifts, you'll receive an additional gift from the Delibird deliverer! Omg yay! This prize will be claimable on January 6th.



your secret santa art/writing wishlist pokemon will be reduced in rank.
This only applies to the one that you write for your Secret Santa -- but, for example, if your Secret Santa requests a Honedge and you pick to write that as your wishlist mon, it will be Complex instead of Demanding!*

Sign up for the rank that the Pokemon are normally at -- so if your wishlist has a Honedge on it, sign up for the Demanding rank (but your stuff will be evaluated at Complex). Sorry for any confusion!

*we'll be checking so pls don't abuse this :')
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I'll join in on this myself~!
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You know you want to ;>
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I mean... you get a cool banner after all! What's better then that? :)
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Expect a PM from me soonish tbh.
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Yeah, what the hey, I'm in.
Sounds cool
Am in dis
we out here!!
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Official announcement thing.

When your gift is finished, PM me for confirmation that you finished your gift! Please turn them in by JANUARY 6th

This exchange will happen on JANUARY 7th.

The day has been pushed back due to later than planned launch.


Hey guys! Didn't wanna double post. Thanks so much for bearing with me through this disorganized chaos. It means a lot. Truth be told i wanted to do a better job with this, but with everything happening i got pretty sidetracked. Anyways, onto the announcey things.

When Posting your work, Keep secret santa out of the post title. This way we can try to keep the surprise for your secret santa as downlow as possible. (Mention it within the post of course, so you get the difficulty graded or curated properly.

The idea behind this was to avoid people snooping around art or stories section trying to find their gift.

Again, when posting your work, PM it to me so i know you finished. (I know i said it above, just a reminder.)

Although it isn't done yet, feedback is certainly welcome!
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ALMIGHTY RALIN has spoken!! Submission window closes at 11:59 p.m. PST tonight!
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Everyone has had a very stressful time I think!! After discussing with our gal Smiles, we have decided that we will be moving the ending date of Secret Santa's turn in to January 8th at 11:59pm PST!!

sorry this is a late announcement!
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