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Name: Mamoru
Age: 19
Starter: Nervous the Garchomp --> Nervous the Gible in a Dusk Ball
Kua: Storm Kua
Manifest: Warder - King's Shield

Appearance: A well-conditioned, but not overly muscled young man, Mamoru has an air of fitness around him. Everything about him, from the ends of his feet to the top of his hair, feels healthy. His hair has a glossy quality to it, making the black well-kept mess seem more lively where it hangs into his face and lightly around the nape of his neck. His eyes are a deep, almost grey-blue; like storm clouds over a restless ocean at dawn. They shine when he talks, and show his absolute enthusiasm for everything around him. At 5' 9", he isn't exactly small, but he's also not the tallest; a comfortable level of neither that makes traversing life a little simpler.

His typical wear is to keep to light, but sturdy travelling clothes; darker colors preferable, with royal blues and blacks being a favorite when he can get them. A draping, heavier over-coat helps keep out the weather in harsher locales, and he's never without a sturdy pair of boots to get him where he's going, given how often he travels. He caries a walking can with him that has a Cresselia carved out as the handle; silver and gold are pressed into the surfaces to highlight the carving's features.

Around his neck he caries a simple locket that was gifted to him by someone important to him.

Personality: Determined. Above all else this exemplifies Mamoru - he can and will do anything and everything in his power and then some to accomplish whatever needs to be accomplished. He'll scale mountains, swim seas, and fight anything that gets in his way. to others he tends to come across as incredibly intense and standoffish because of how focused he can be on accomplish what he's set himself to do.

Beyond this, to those he loves, he is incredibly soft and goofy. He's especially silly and gentle with children - to anyone younger than him, he's basically an additional big brother or dad, whether they wanted it or not. And he's good at it. His voice is soft and his laughter light, and nothing makes him happier than knowing he's done something to make another person (especially those he loves) happier in some capacity.

He is brave in the face of adversity and careful when faced with danger; he's willing to run into battle, but not stupid enough to do so without a plan. He tries to at least be practical about things when he can, even if this doesn't always work out. It can frustrate him when others don't show the same foresight he tries to cultivate and put themselves in worse situations because of it.

History: The son of an important leader in the territory, and effectively as close to a prince as there can be because of it, Mamoru always expected certain things from his life as a result. He'd probably take over as the head of his house and of his clansmen as well one day, when his father eventually stepped down. He'd be well off, with an arranged marriage to a doting wife who may or may not love him and that he'd probably hate. Eventually, he'd have children, and his inevitable son would eventually follow in his footsteps and do as he had. It was expected, and perhaps while not what he'd prefer, it was what was.

Of course, this was before he met her.

A charismatic blonde with endless enthusiasm, a mouth to put a sailor to shame, and more sass than he'd ever thought it possible for a person to posses. She broke all the hard rules he'd been taught about life; that a woman should be soft and pleasant. That a common worker should respect those of the upper class. That you had to be a warrior to be a hero (as evidenced by her very quickly and decisively trouncing two would-be muggers that had tried to accost them, while he had still been fumbling to grab his very expensive and now very useless sword from his side). With her rules were not something to follow, but to break. To purposely shatter into a thousand tiny possibilities where limits were only what you made of them. For her, life was not dictated, but chosen. With her, anything could happen.

When he realized he loved her, it was less a surprise than it should have been.

For months, they met in secret; or at least, he did. She cared less, and made no such attempts at hiding their meetings. he was hers and she was his and why shouldn't the world know that? He feared his family's reaction should they learn of her, but as the time passed, and no word came to him that they knew or even cared, his worry lessened. He began to hope that they would be able to be together, actually and for all time.

Then one day, she was gone. Vanished.

The little stall where she made and sold beautiful wares and warmly greeted customers stood empty when he came by to see her. The door to her home, located above the shop, was kicked in. Signs of a struggle, but no body. No blood. he tore the place apart looking for answers - for clues to her whereabouts. He found none. But on a table in her little workroom, partially covered by loose papers and fanciful doodles of designs yet unmade, sat a note. The note was brief ("Look what I got you Momo! I hope they'll both help you be less stuffy and get out there to see more of the world with me. You can't be a worry-wart old man forever!"); but it told him that the contents of another nearby workbench were meant to be his anniversary gifts from her - a beautifully embossed walking cane, and a Pokeball as dark the night sky.

Faced with going back to the pre-planned life he had previously been content with, and never knowing what became of his blue-eyed love, he made a choice.

Armed with the beautiful walking stick from his beloved, and the beast she had planned to bequeath him, he chose to leave in search of her instead. He now travels the region, looking for clues for what happened to his lover, and trying to control the terrifying baby dragon tagging alongside him while he's at it.

Motivation: His love missing, and with no leads on her whereabouts, Mamoru has taken it upon himself to look for her - and let that search lead him where it may. No matter how long it takes, or what happens along the way, he'll never give up on finding her again. The little dragon he's found himself saddled with seems to enjoy wandering as well, and while he's still not sure how his beloved came to posses it, he cherishes the little beast dearly as a gift from her. Even when it inevitably drags him into more trouble than is worth it.

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Name: Tokko Swiftfoot
Age: 19
Starter: Nidoking -> Nidoran M
Kua: Plains
Manifest: Pickup

Appearance: Wiry, well-tanned, with shoulder length dark hair and green eyes. On his right bicep are three noticeable scars that look like claw marks. He is finally starting to fill out his frame a bit, usually wearing lightweight fabrics in tones of brown. He carries a short hiking stave and a small satchel, and usually wears a brimmed leather cap.

Personality: Warm and easygoing, he comes from a tribe that is very social. While he takes things seriously it doesn’t always show in his demeanor; he may joke about serious topics or make casual responses. Many in his village know the dedication under the surface, but those without familiarity think him flighty or a buffoon.

History: Much of his young life was unremarkable for one in the plains Kua. He obtained his second name on his eight birthday for winning every race in the village games. The scars on his arm are from a bonding ritual with his Nidoran as a young teen; he wears them proudly as a fond memory. A year ago, another family from a much larger village moved into his, bringing their children with them. The eldest daughter is the same age as Tokko and they became fast friends. It was discovered that the family had left their prior town in scandal and shame, but the father maintained a bitter sense of pride – and when Tokko asked permission to court his daughter, the man refused, saying he would not let her marry a foolish commoner.

Motivation: Tokko wants to achieve something notable to show his love’s father he is more than just a commoner; he feels the only way to do that in a short time is by challenging the Shi of each Kua, and defeating the Onmyo champion.
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