Winnie the Teddiursa and Friends!
Hi there! My name is weirlind120, and this is my first Art post! I'm not very artistic really, but I do do knitting and stitching, so I found one of my better stitches and thought I'd have a go (super self-conscious about these things haha). Anyways, hoping to catch a Teddiursa! Thanks for your time!

(Couldn't get the pictures to paste on here so here's the imgur album I made (includes the proof)! )

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In spite of better judgment I'm putting my curator muscles to use and claiming this adorabear, [MENTION=7286]weirlind120[/MENTION];
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CURATION – “Winnie the Teddiursa and Friends!”
Where are its friends?? You sir, need to make more of these because head my words when I say that this is just plain adorable.

This is the freshest art form submitted to the Art Section in a while, and I’m glad you decided on posting it! Now I confess myself not well-versed in what I take as the mystifying world of knitting and stitching (I’ve had home ec teachers run away from my running stitches), but I’ve done my best to evaluate your work in terms of craftsmanship and artistic merit. I’ve asked you beforehand about the materials you used and how you went about with your process, so I’m at least not completely in the dark on this curation!

Going to start this with a run down on my thoughts about the details on this cutie. It doesn’t take much to recognize this as Teddiursa; the forehead crescent tells it all. I like how you kept the creases on both ear spots (as seen on its Sugimori art), giving off a quote mark vibe which I find oddly charming. The cuteness of it all gets raised further (judge joke only slightly intended) with those fuzzy eyes and the familiar teddy bear nose. I swear I am channelling my inner Smiles as I write this. Top all of this with that simple but lovable smile and those cheek blushies (for lack of a better term, nice addition by the way), and we have here one adorable Teddi. The footpads are the penultimate blow, and the round ol’ tail at the back is the knockout punch.

Winnieursa is missing its claws, but leaving them out I think was reasonable so as to keep the simple stuffed animal aesthetic; again I think the crescent does a good job at making it distinctive from a regular teddy bear enough that having no claws isn’t a huge problem.

The thing that does stand out as looking off is the connection of the arms to the body. The ridges there are prominent on both front and back sides, so that’s something to watch out for. I feel like the feet could be a tad more identical (not sure if it’s just from the photos, but the right foot looks a bit bigger than the left), but that’s on the minor side. I also think Winnie could use more stuffing, it’s pretty flat looking at it from the back (this might also help with the ridges I mentioned?). MAXIMUM FLUFF I SAY.

Now a brief pass onto the more technical side of things, with the caveat that I’m no stitching buff. I like the fabric you used for the body and on the face/foot patches, it’s appropriately fuzzy. I’m the worst possible judge of stitches but instinct lends me nothing to complain about with yours; I especially appreciate the ones on the foot patches and on the ear spots.

[Image: Ofl2uek.png][Image: Gr0Pb2r.png][Image: Ofl2uek.png]
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