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  • In the past, there have been issues that individual members may not have felt comfortable addressing in public. While we always encourage you to reach out to us individually, we understand that this may not be the case for everyone, and as such we are implementing an anonymous feedback system.
  • This is not a replacement for talking to us directly. If you have concerns that you would like addressed immediately, please, please message one of us directly. We're always here to help.
  • You can access the anonymous feedback page here. You do not need a gmail account to fill out this form, we cannot gather your gmail data through this form, and there's really no way to trace who submitted what. That's the point.
  • Feedback, both positive and negative, goes here. Be as specific as you can in describing the problem so that we fully understand what you're trying to say.
  • This should not replace the Trainer's Court--if you are comfortable having a debate attached to your name, Trainer's Court offers a much more public and comprehensive set of discussions on this matter.
  • This should also not replace contacting Staff officially, if possible. If there is an emergency situation, please be aware that our schedule for this feedback system likely will not be fast enough for you, and we encourage you to reach out to us individually.
  • We appreciate all feedback, but be aware that spam comments will be deleted. Please be judicious with your and our time.
  • We will compile this feedback and bring it up for discussion in Staff at the beginning of each month and you will receive a public response from us by the end of the next full month. For example, if you submit something on April 10, it will be posted in Staff in the beginning of May, deliberated on during May, and a public response will be released at the end of May.
  • All non-spam feedback will be addressed. If you believe that your feedback has been skipped, feel free to resubmit it for the next cycle.
  • We will respond to the best of our ability. In some cases, this may result in a public Trainer's Court thread/an opening for more debate, in others, we may make rule changes, and we reserve the right to make no change at all. Regardless, we want to make sure that your comments are being discussed and addressed in a transparent manner.
  • Complaints about individual users will not be addressed in public. While we will still discuss these complaints in a serious manner, we will not publicly post or shame any member of the community.

April 2017
May 2017
July 2017
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April Feedback Staff Response

We wanted to thank everyone for submitting their feedback for the April cycle. Conversation and dialogue, especially pertaining to difficult topics, creates a space for collaboration in the URPG that makes the gaming experience better for everyone! We came together, read all the responses, deliberated and have shaped this reply.

Please reach out to staff members directly with any further questions on these particular topics. The feedback form is now open for May.

Feedback: Staff Bias -

Quote:once someone is deemed problematic then they suddenly become a less-than member). This is particularly pertinent as pre/early-BMG moderators, anyone who was committed enough, regardless of how problematic they're perceived, was eligible for promotion and not scoffed at. [Direct named removed].

As it is now, some moderators hold long standing grudges against some members - most of the staff, if not all, should be aware of this, and should be trying to amend this. These kind of prejudices ruin the enjoyment of the game for others. Also, some members of staff have developed a really unusual superiority complex - I don't think it needs to be said who that is, but thinking you are above the rules or more important than other people is so off-putting. Passive aggression is not nice.

Response: This is a deeply disconcerting point, and we’re glad this has been brought to staff attention. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to understand exactly what to amend in our actions without specific examples. We would encourage the person who authored this feedback to come directly forward to either the person of conflict or to another staff member in order to work out perceivable issues. The quicker you talk to us about it, using direct, quoted examples, the sooner we can amend this problem. No matter what, we will all make a concentrated effort to be more respectful to all members and be aware of any biases we may hold.

Feedback: HKim activity -

Quote:he is way too influential for someone who has been very much absent on a day to day basis for years

Response: Harry vowed to increase his forum and Discord presence since the posting of this feedback. He actively reads and replies to staff threads and delegates day-to-day operations of the URPG to staff and moderators. He is open to anyone to talk to him and also loves to participate in FFA’s, so feel free to catch him during these times! He is thankful for this feedback.

Feedback: PXR Inactivity -

Quote:PXR: This is very much a dead-end, I can't even think of anyone who checks this forum. I fully understand that it had its uses in enticing the PE2K crowd and potentially drawing in new members. This is a much, much lighter issue than the previous two though.

Response: PxR can only benefit activity for the URPG and not hinder it. We should think of ways collectively to encourage new activity on PxR and we encourage all members, especially the person who posted this, to brainstorm and implement ways to garner new activity from PxR. This is a pertinent concern and summer is a great opportunity to capitalize upon new activity from our host forums.

Feedback: Obsession with potential abuse -

Quote:[direct member names removed] if some makes a genuine mistake they shouldn’t get accused of trying to cheat the system. Particularly so the you realize how exploitable the new garage sale was and there was no issue with that.

Response: The URPG operates on a trust-based honor code system for matters pertaining to user interaction. People are responsible for adding the correct amount of money to their statistics page, for recording what Pokemon they’ve claimed from an event and for properly documenting what they’ve traded away, bought, etc. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that every year we catch a variety of cheating that happens intentionally. Money appears when there was no source of gain. Items appear without a purchase to their name. Catching cheats in URPG is certainly not fun for us and even less fun for the people who choose to betray the honor code system.

That being said, we hope people can understand why we’d be more attuned to potential instances of abuse. We all work hard collectively to make sure this game is challenging, fair, and fun for everyone involved. Instances of potential abuse greatly throw off that wonder of balance this game has crafted for its players and also increases the potential for cheating. We would invite the person who authored this post to elaborate more upon what may specifically have been exploitable about the garage sale. There was no way to truly profit off this event because you had to earn the Pokemon at some point - and free Pokemon through underground rolls or gifts tend be valuable; trashing those Pokemon for profit would have actually resulted in more of a net loss.

Feedback: Uniformity of rules -

Quote:Rules can be flexible, and in fact they should be. That being said, it's not great when one staff member approves one thing that others wouldn't, and vice versa. Trading regulations are good though. Another good recent decission is the trainer's court channel on Discord.

Response: Again, as per the bias feedback, we are grateful for this note and hope that these specific trends for bias would be recorded and sent directly to the person who may have committed them.

We’d also like to note here that sometimes members ping staff members specifically for approvals. We have the Discord channel for this and encourage members to post their approval requests there, but this specific pinging may have also caused the bias this person may have perceived.

Feedback: FFA Cliques

Response: We’ve deliberated over this as a staff because we do see this as an issue. However, from the ref’s side, there’s little that can be done currently - it’s difficult to prove exact instances of teaming while the referee’s already working hard to run the FFA. We encourage everyone to generate solutions that will stop teaming or to just stop forming the teams, if you’re part of the problem. We could attempt a teaming clause, but this could potentially make the matter more complicated than it needs to be.

Feedback: Staff Elections

Quote:Is there a process in electing staff?

Yes! See the general meeting notes for more information and see this link for staff applications! They close in two days, so make sure to get your applications in if not! The next application season will open up months from now.

As an aside, if you wish to discuss any of this feel free to do so in Trainer's Court (either on forums or Discord), but please do not respond directly in this thread. Thanks!
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AIGHT. SO. Sorry this is so late; I got caught up in staff apps, gifting station updates, and summer vibes PS y'all should all sign up for AH and SWC, thx. As a note: there are currently no feedback submissions for the month of June. This is probably a great thing, but if you have any concerns at all, please feel free to talk to a Staff member directly or use this as your venue. We honestly want to help, but we don't always know what to address. You can even talk about how we address these feedback things etc etc it'll be super fun.

As a note: some of these posts contained references to specific members, and those bits weren't reposted because public shaming is bad. However, we do take these issues seriously.

Quote:How are different Pokemon picked to be in the Berry Store/Mart and how do we know that it isn't just certain staff and officials trying to rig the system to benefit themselves?

RESPONSE: First off, in case you haven't heard, we've replaced the duplicate Berry Store Paras/Pokemart Paras by making Budew available in the Berry Store. Exchange some ribbons for a sentient rosebush!

Picking what Pokemon go where is a weirdly-complex, arduous process that ends up pulling in people from all sections -- we consult Stories/Art/Park vs Battles to get a feel for how hard a Pokemon should be to obtain considering how viable/rare/lore-ish it is, whch is how ranks get done. We try to keep an exciting mix of types in all 3 stores (Pokemart, Berry Store, and Soda Shoppe) so that everyone can find something, but we also want to encourage people to branch out into other sections, so we try to keep an even split across all 3 stores and the rest of the creative sections. As such, there's no one voice in the room that's allowed to dominate, we refrain from insider trading-esque tactics that happened in the past, and we honestly don't shuffle the store stock around unless it's absolutely necessary to maintain competitive balance, for the reasons outlined in both this question and this response.


Quote:Hi. I have a concern about the dismissal of certain sections by high-ranking members. URPG is a game dependent on current members securing its future, like any other game—it requires keeping the interest of younger players and also working to give all of our sections as much longevity as possible to keep the game interesting.

However, some members, especially newer ones, have found the dismissive and downright rude nature of higher-ranking members extremely off-putting. For example, blatant ragging on of the contests section by Monbrey has been one of the most off-putting of the recent things I can remember.

I understand that Monbrey is a very sarcastic, very funny guy. I think most of the time, it’s great and he makes me laugh my ass off. When looking through past instances of him encouraging behavior I didn’t agree with in the past, I’ve always taken it with a grain of salt and remembered that he’s usually being sarcastic or memeing in some way, shape, or form.

However, the ragging on the contests has taken a completely different tone that I and some other members have not at all appreciated. While the contest section might have its flaws, all members of it are working to try to find ways to fix them. The blatant disregard for the contest section by Monbrey has been one of the most unprofessional ways I’ve seen a head of any game regard one of its sections.

While staff are allowed to have their opinion about a section, and don’t necessarily have to like every section, I do feel like they are expected to express their opinions in a constructive way, like we tell other members constantly that they must do the same. There have been great examples of us trying to make an active effort for us to enforce the constructive criticism mentality. I feel like this should apply to staff just as much as it should apply to members, especially the head of the entirety of URPG. If we discourage whining without suggesting ways to fix it, I feel as if we should hold our head to the same standards of requiring constructive criticism, or simply to express his lack of personal preference for the section in a way that wouldn’t potentially drive away activity for the section. Most section professions note that Judges, Refs, Rangers, Curators, Chroniclers, etc. should act professionally, since they are role models for behavior in URPG and their sections. I feel like Monbrey is also a role model for professional behavior, and when it comes to certain sections, I think that he should default to expressing his an opinion in a way that is constructive or at least respectful of others who put a monumental amount of work into the section.

Once again, nothing personal against Monbrey—the dude’s hilarious, and I appreciate the rest of the work he puts into URPG a lot. I also appreciate that he's . But I feel like we should hold our staff to the same metric of constructive criticism as the rest of URPG, if only to attract and keep newer members and encourage longevity and activity to other sections.

Thanks for your time, no offense intended.


YUP WE AGREE ENTIRELY. While Staff sometimes makes jokes that we mean to be harmless, the internet has no sense of tone and these things can definitely become hurtful, and we really don't want that. URPG loves all sections equally and we, as a staff team, want to make the entire community feel welcome as we all play this game. Please, please continue to hold us to that standard.

and hey, here's monbrey's response:
Quote:Yeah, I can stop making fun of Contests. For me that's an easy one to address. It's a long running meme that can easily be put to rest.
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It's us again. It's been a while. Sorry for the delay in getting this live; I got a little swamped (literally) with all the hurricanes and stuff. We are currently reviewing stuff from August as well, so as always, please feel free to keep using this form.


Quote:These kind of objectifying posts can make members feel uncomfortable and seems very inappropriate.


Monbrey himself has expressed that the intent behind the post was not to offend or objectify anyone and he apologizes if it came across that way. What he posted was still considered PG-13 and therefore appropriate for the server (as long as the content isn't spammed). However, we acknowledge that some people are uncomfortable with posts that are still within the rules, and we will be more conscientious of this as members of a Staff unit.

Quote:The contest tie issue has been talked to death, with very little being added each time it shows up in Trainer's Court. Now that everyone has had their say, I am requesting that Ash make a final decision so we can move on.

We're sorry for going back and forth on this so often. At the end of the day, section heads want to make the best decisions for the section, and because so many parties are involved, it tends to take a while. The final, official ruling was posted well after this feedback was received, but just in case:
Quote:After much discussion, it has been decided that three (or four) way ties will again give ribbons in Normal and Super Rank Contests. They will continue to not give ribbons in Hyper and Master Rank Contests.
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