Hidden Power Reroll Station 13: Better be something that Silvally doesn't get!
WinterVines Wrote:Okay, let's spend some money because who needs that anyway.

Link to stats because everyone seems to forget that was a rule for this.

I expect all STAB HPs for this tbh.

Persian - Water
Venusaur - Grass
Manectric - Poison
Umbreon - Dark
Ludicolo - Bug
Metagross - Grass
Infernape - Flying
Slowking - Grass
Chandelure - Ghost
Empoleon - Bug
Reuniclus - Ghost
Arcanine - Ground
Lucario - Dragon
Kingdra - Dark
Sceptile - Ghost
Charizard - Dragon

16 x 3k = 48k

125,775 - 48,000 = 77,775

Please and Thank you!

Persian - Ground
Venusaur - Ice
Manectric - Rock
Umbreon - Poison
Ludicolo - Grass
Metagross - Fire
Infernape - Grass
Slowking - Ground
Chandelure - Water
Empoleon - Psychic
Reuniclus - Psychic
Arcanine - Fire
Lucario - Fighting
Kingdra - Ice
Sceptile - Poison
Charizard - Water

Ash and Felly watched and laughed.
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Alright, time for some long awaited rerolls ; v;

Espeon's (HP-Grass)
Primarina's (HP-Grass)
Ninetales-A (HP-Dragon)

$16,800-$9,000= $7,800
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You know you want to ;>
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I mean... you get a cool banner after all! What's better then that? :)
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Sou Wrote:Alright, time for some long awaited rerolls ; v;

Espeon's (HP-Grass)
Primarina's (HP-Grass)
Ninetales-A (HP-Dragon)

$16,800-$9,000= $7,800

Espeon - Bug
Primarina - Electric
Ninetales-A - Ice


Blue, Julio, and Jesse watched.
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Hatches at 1495

Rerolling HP Steel eevee

33,250 - 3k = 30,250
the bag scares me
Menegoth Wrote:Stats

Rerolling HP Steel eevee

33,250 - 3k = 30,250

Steel → Electric.

Eevee wants to be a Jolteon, tbh.
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Blaziken – Rock
Togekiss – Poison
Xatu – Electric
Sigilyph – Electric
Sceptile – Fighting
Venomoth – Dark
Aurorus – Poison
Ampharos – Dragon
Gengar – Fighting

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Ash K. Wrote:Blaziken – Rock -> Fire
Togekiss – Poison -> Psychic
Xatu – Electric -> Ice
Sigilyph – Electric -> Dark
Sceptile – Fighting -> Bug
Venomoth – Dark -> Ice
Aurorus – Poison -> Electric
Ampharos – Dragon -> Bug
Gengar – Fighting -> Steel


A couple decent ones. Bluey and Winter witnessed
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