Ribbon Rank Rules
Contest activity seems to be picking up (at least compared to when I joined), so now's probably a good time to bring this up. Right now URPG has a kinda weird rule regarding contest rank participation. Essentially in order to contest at a rank of super and up, you need to have a ribbon of that rank that doesn't match up to a ribbon of the level above that for that attribute (rule's so weird, I can't really even explain it properly).

For comparison, in game your Pokémon are capped at 1 ribbon per attribute per rank. If you enter with a mon in a rank and attribute it already has, you can participate, but you don't get that ribbon. On top of that, URPG seems to encourage diversifying what attributes you have on a certain mon. There's not huge advantage of having multiple ribbons of the same rank on one Pokémon. Wouldn't the way the games have ribbons set up make more sense? If nothing else, following that system encourages players to get ribbons of different ranks and attributes rather that sticking to one. Is there a specific reason the system is the way it is now?
The rule was set into place to prevent teaming. Basically, people can collude from the same people who are all working together to get a highly ranked ribbon and make it uncompetitive for anyone else wanting to get their ribbons. So far it seems to work.
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