Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

Standard clauses
Building Terrain
Weather: None
Redirects are on
Hit-All moves Hit one
Sleep moves are banned except for rest
Perish Song/Imprison/Encore/Spotlight fail
Imposter, Illusion, Trace, Intimidate, Download will be random
Failure to send prior to start of turn is a KO
Special Rule: Chainreaction01 appreciation FFA…

Every Pokemon starts the FFA with an EV-0 counter.
At the end of the turn there is a 50% chance that a modified Echoed Voice will be used (starting off at 10 BP, and increasing with each successful execution)

Ex. EV2 = 20BP, EV3 = 30BP, etc

If the dice say you don’t get to use it then you are reset to EV-0.

If for some oddball, weirdo reason everyone manages to use this Echoed Voice then everyone gets a free stat boost of their choice.

This Echoed Voice is unaffected by abilities or other moves, or multipliers.
Ex. It can hit Soundproof Pokémon, it’s not boosted by STAB/Pixiliate/etc, not affected by Electrify.

We never once saw all the screaming pikamons get that sought0after stat boost. Not even at the end when the probability was higher.

7th ($2500) SinnohEevee & Hatterene
6th ($2500) ChainReaction01 & Blaziken
5th ($2500) MLouden01 & Lycanroc-Dusk
4th ($3000) Juliorain & Dusknoir
3rd ($3500) Gold & Chansey
2nd ($4000) Beemo & Meloetta
1st ($5500) DarknessRuler & Dragapult
Xali: I Ref ($5500)

Total Wages: $9,500

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