Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh


SM Private Preview
OHKO ACC EVA SLP FRZ Dynamax Imprison Clauses On
Helds On
Default Weather and Terrain
Roll for first send

Shock3600 vs Mlouden03
Swampert, Dragonite, Heracross, Excadrill, Rillaboom, Volcanion vs Machamp.... ... ... ... ...{Darkrai, Dragapult, Blastoise, Gyarados, Dragonite}

Emerald: It is impossible to defend against punches and chops doled out by its four arms. Its fighting spirit flares up when it faces a tough opponent.
Ultra Sun: It grasps its opponents with its four arms and twists them up in an intricate hold. People call it “the Machamp special.”

Shock's entire team got "The Machamp Special"'d...
And Machamp was paralyzed early in the battle ._.
I don't even....

Mlou Wins: $5000
Shock Loses: $2500
I ref $4000

Total Wages: $ 4, 000
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