Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

SM Private Preview
Helds ON
Standard Clauses
Default Weather and Terrain
- Item Clause (Optional Off)
Species Clause On
- Megas Allowed
- Z-Moves OFF

Balanced Mons Tournament Round 3
Beemo vs Ash K
Electrode, Gyarados, Liepard, Metagross, Hawlucha, Scyther vs Mandibuzz, Pikachu-Belle, Lucario, Milotic, Miltank

Very close matchup. Electrode boomed on Pikachu early in the get-go to make it a 5v5. Then it was back and forth for a bit. MVP of the game was Scyther taking advantage of the par's on Miltank to setup stats and go on a counter-KOing spree of Ash's team before being felled by M-Lucario.

Ash K Wins + advances: $6000
Beemo Loses: $3500
I ref $5000

Total Wages: $ 17, 500

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