Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

ACC/EVA* clauses
Building Terrain
Weather: None
Redirects are on
Hit-All moves Hit one
Sleep moves are banned except for rest
Perish Song/Imprison/Encore/Spotlight fail
Imposter, Illusion, Trace, Intimidate, Download will be random
Failure to send prior to start of turn is a KO
Special Rule: Golden Boy ~~Late bday FFA~~, Pick Iron Fist** or Scrappy to go along with your other ability.
*OHKO Moves will not be affected by No Guard and maintain their standard 30% Accuracy
**Does not stack twice for 2x Iron Fist

Cubchoo would've scored 2x Sheer Cold hits if it wasn't brutally KO'd by Dusknoir tbh.

9th ($2500) Prince Vultan & Weezing-Galarian
8th ($2500) Mako & Deoxys
7th ($2500) Ash K & Mew
6th ($3000) Soulmaster & Cubchoo
5th ($3500) Juliorain & Incineroar
4th ($4000) Gold  & Medicham
3rd ($4500) Evan & Dusknoir
2nd ($5000) Speedy & Musharna
1st ($6500) Shock & Ludicolo
Xali: I Ref ($6500)

Total Wages: $10,500

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