Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh
All vs All
SM Private Full
No helds
ACC/EVA/Legend clauses
Building Terrain
Weather: None
Redirects are on
Hit-All moves Hit one
Sleep moves are banned except for rest
Perish Song/Imprison/Encore/Spotlight fail
Imposter, Illusion, Trace, Intimidate, Download will be random
Failure to send prior to start of turn is a KO
Special Rule: Special Rule: Alpha-betbanned: Each turn and starting with sends, 2 die will be rolled.1 for a random letter and 1 for just vowels. Moves (and mons for sends) cannot have the rolled letters in their names.

So uhhhh vowels for random letter appeared more than I expected them to, so next time it'll just be consonants & vowels. No chance of mixing the two lol....

9th ($2500) FD & Infernape
8th ($2500) CowboyJake & Espeon
7th ($2500) SinnohEevee & Gardevoir
6th ($3000) Jack & Incineroar
5th ($3500) Juliorain & Noivern
4th ($4000) Oribhel & Sylveon
3rd ($4500) Monbrey & Charizard
2nd ($5000) Evan & Gengar
1st ($6500) Bulbasaur & Infernape
Xali: I Ref ($6500)

Total Wages: $6,500

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