Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

All vs All
SM Private Full
No helds
NO clauses
Building Terrain
Weather: None
Redirects are on
Hit-All moves Hit one
Sleep moves are banned except for rest
Perish Song/Imprison/Encore/Spotlight fail
Imposter, Illusion, Trace, Intimidate, Download will be random
Failure to send prior to start of turn is a KO
Special Rule: Husnain Forever... The MovieFFA
Husnain will be active on the field with {MAX STATS}. At the end of every turn, it will use Metronome. It cannot be targeted or damaged by weather.

In honor of our departed friend we host this FFA and join together in the event he loved so much.
Gone, but never forgotten, even in eternal slumber he reminds us of all the good we must do.

Husnain's Metronomes yielded:
Mirror Coat: Return a special gesture with twice the emphasis.
Spotlight: Highlight the goodness in others.
Aurora Veil: Never let bad things hit you 100%
Iron Head: Be strong minded! You can accomplish anything!
Aqua Tail: ummm.... idk, but it has some significance >:\
Recycle: Care for the environment tbh.
Infestation: idk what he was going for w/ this one, but it has meaning!

Rest in peace my friend! Thank you!

[Image: 0.gif][ATTACH=CONFIG]812[/ATTACH][Image: 0.gif]

15th Ralin & Zoroark ($0000) [First turn no send ;_;]
14th Sou & Slurpuff ($2500)
13th VeloJello & Aegislash ($2500)
12th Soulmaster & Gengar D($2500)
11th Liam & Bibarel ($3000)
10th DarknessRuler & Starmie ($3500)
9th Dekrueger & Ralts ($4000)
8th Juliorain & Gengar C ($4500)
7th SinnohEevee & Metagross ($5000)
6th GrayMagic & Gengar B ($5500)
5th Elrond & Eelektross ($6000)
4th Nitro & Sableye ($6500)
3rd FierceDeity & Gengar E ($7000)
2nd MagikChicken & Gengar F ($7500)
1st Dash & Gengar A ($9000)
Xali: $9000

Total Wages: $9,000

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