Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

All vs All
SM Private Full
No helds
NO clauses
Building Terrain
Weather: None
Redirects are on
Hit-All moves Hit one
Sleep moves are banned except for rest
Perish Song/Imprison/Encore/Spotlight fail
Imposter, Illusion, Trace, Intimidate, Download will be random
Failure to send prior to start of turn is a KO
Special Rule: Hot Potato... Protean tbh
At the start of each turn AFTER moves have been sent a random mon will be rolled to have Protean for the duration of the turn. This overwrites any ability you have (Except Truant & Defeatist) just for that turn. However; the type change will remain in effect until it gets changed again by either this same rule or some other effect.

Really fun tbh. Morru's Houndoom missed like 75% of its moves (Infernos, a Fire Blast, and Super Fang) and Toxapex just Baneful Bunkered its way to victory. Absol went for Super luck CH's but to no avail in the final turns.

9th Mistral & Gliscor ($2500)
8th Julio & Shellder($2500)
7th Weirlind120 & Steelix ($2500)
6th GrayMagic & Mimikyu ($3000)
5th HusnainPRINCEVULTAN & Gallade ($3500)
4th DP876 & Goodra ($4000)
3rd Morru & Houndoom ($4500)
2nd Sou & Absol ($5000)
1st Liam & Toxapex ($6500)
Xali: $6500

Total Wages: $10,500

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