Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

SM Private Preview
Helds On
No Starting Weather [CHANGED: RAIN]
Volcano Terrain
SLP, FRZ, ACC, EVA, OHKO, Species, Legend Clauses On

LD SwiftGallade vs Mikey
Gengar, Lucario, Togekiss, Greninja, Jolteon, Sableye vs Ludicolo, Tentacruel Kabutops, Metagross, Greninja, Accelgor

This was an above-all an interesting battle to watch. I had no idea what Mikey was doing and I don't think he did either but it worked. The match started Ludicolo vs Togekiss. Mikey going straight for the attacks and holding an assault vest while Swift went for a Tail Wind combo. Togekiss never saw its Weakness Policy being used cuz Mikey slammed water attacks through and through. Togekiss Baton Passed to Gengar and Mega'd it but didn't see Mikey coming in with a 2HKO. It was only after Togekiss came back in that Swift realized Ludicolo had an assault vest and managed to outplay it with some Sunny Day and Morning Sun tactics. During the latter event Mikey swapped in his MegaMetagross and scared away the Togekiss only to see itself facing Swift's Greninja. Swift went for a UTurn, sent his Red Card Sableye and forced out MegaMetagross for Tentacruel. Mikey couldn't really find a way through the ghost type so as it setup calm minds he sent in his Greninja. Mikey made some really smart plays here with setting up spikes and hazing away stats to counter Sableye's threat. A Scald burn ended up KOing Sableye and Jolteon was sent in. Swift decided to stat up with Growth and Mikey unafraid went for some Dark Pulse Attacks and Shadow Sneaks before Swift decided to KO it in the 2nd turn. Then Mikey sent Accelgor to Power Swap Jolteon and Swift mispredicted Mikey expecting an Agility, but instead got a satk2 Bloom Doom courtesy of the Grassinium Crystal Accelgor was holding. Swift didn't see much options from here and Mikey took the win.

Mikey wins: $5500 + Legend of his choice (temp for now)
Swift loses: $2500
I Ref: $4000

Total Wages: $ 162, 000

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