Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

6v6 | SM Public Open | Badlands | Sun | Holds On | Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Accuracy/Evasion/Species Clauses | No Legendary Pokémon | No Z Moves | Challenger Sends First
Fortree GYM

Leader Ash. K vs Dash
Volcarona, Aerodactyl-Mega, Togekiss, Minior, Charizard, Dragonite vs Mamoswine, Rapidash, Cloyster, Salamence-Mega, Metagross, Alolan-Ninetales

Dash kept the lead in this battle by maintaining his Rapidash in fighting form. Only switching it in to take fire attacks sent by Ash's team and using Flash Fire as a counter threat. Aerodactyl was taken down by Cloyster after it KO'd Mamoswine. Togekiss took out Salamence with a Counter after an Aerilated Headbutt. Dash was on the verge of winning, but he smacked at the very end of the battle. Dragonite was able to ward him off with the threat of an Extremespeed and Ash Defended.

Ash Defends: $5500
Dash loses: $2500
I Ref: $4000

Total Wages: $ 126, 000

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