Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

SM Public Open
Slp Frz ohko eva acc legend Clauses
Helds Off
No Weather
Snow Terrain

Wintervines vs Ghost
Purugly, Sceptile, Empoleon, Scolipede, Blaziken vs Flygon, Greninja, Alolan-Raichu, Walrein, Chandelure, Alolan-Sandlash

Ghost had a decent lead with nubfrog coming in early in the match and with U-Turn tricks. Then Empoleon came in to block it and setup an Agility. Only to be stopped by a Body Slam paralyze from Walrein. Scolipede came in and tussled a bit with Chandelure before Baton Passing a lucky switch to Blaziken which also speed boosted and took care of most of the rest. Scolipede came back in and finished off Greninja and Alola-Slash.

WV wins: $5000
Ghost loses: $2500
I Ref: $4000

Total Wages: $ 186, 000

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