Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

SM Public Open
Slp Frz ohko eva acc legend Clauses
Helds Off
No Weather
Building Terrain

Morru vs Ralin
Tangrowth, Octillery, Salazzle, Sableye, Sceptile vs Incineroar, Alakazam, Slowbro, Jumpluff, Metagross, Sandslash

Tangrowth slowed down Incineroar, Octillery took it out. Alakzam came in and took out Octillery, but not before being also slowed down and heavily weakened. Then Salazzle popped in and ducked out when Slowbro showed up. Sableye threw hands with it and was KO'd. So Sceptile came in and navigated its way through attacks and Trick Room to come out on top. Countering Metagross's Ice Punch, detecting on the last turn of TR and coming back to KO Sandslash and Slowbro. GG!

Morru wins: $5000
Ralin loses: $2500
I Ref: $4000

Total Wages: $ 178, 000

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