Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

SM Public Open
Helds On
Ice Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Evasion/Accuracy Clauses On
No Legendary Pokemon
All Gym Pokemon know TM Sludge Wave
Trainer Sends First

Leader Wintervines vs GrayMagic
GengarMega, Accelgor, Crobat, Toxicroak, Qwilfish vs Gengar, Weavile, Mimikyu, Blaziken, Dragonite, Slowbro
Winter playing it smart with type and move counters. Also neutralized Gray's attempts to speed boost with a Gastro Acid and making him lose Multiscale with a well-timed Rocky Helmet play. Gengar and Accelgor really set it up for Winters with strong special attacks being dished out. Sadly, the best player of Winters team (Qwilfish) was brutally sushified by Gray's Slowbro, so Killfish as we now call it managed to Destiny Bond it to death. Then Toxicroak avenged its fallen partner and Ice Punched Gray Dragonite into a mass extinction. 6-1, final score. GG

Winters Defends: $5500
GrayMagic loses: $2500
I Ref: $3000

Total Wages: $ 7, 500

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