Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

SM, Private, FULL
Helds On
No Weather
Building Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Evasion/Accuracy/Mega/Z-Move Clauses

FierceDeity vs Dash
Alakazam, Ditto, Infernape, Swampert vs Infernape, Alolan-Ninetales, Gliscor, Salamence(Mega)

Very back and forth battle, Dash got the first KO with a surprise Life Orb Freeze Dry on Swampert then FD's Infernape was set to sweep with atk1 satk/spd2, but a misprediction on Mega Mence let it Roar out the monkey threat to even the field again. Ditto was left by itself after Ninetales KO'd Nape, and thus copied it. Letting Dash nape come in and finish off FD's team. Well played on both sides.

Dash wins: $2500
FD loses: $1000
I Ref: $2000

Total Wages: $ 44, 500

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