Ash said take ref test, Monbrey said nah bruh

SM Public Open
No Weather
Snow Terrain
Helds On
Clauses: Sleep / Freeze / OHKO / Accuracy / Evasion / Species

Leader Synthesis vs Challenger The Artist
Porygon-Z, Magnezone, Electivire, Raichu, Galvantula, Oricorio vs Sableye, Sceptile, Metagross, Skuntank, Gallade, Gliscor

Syn constantly foiled PV's plans by doing smart switches and Uturn/Volt Switches to chip away at the other team. Vultan for his part managed to avoid getting Swept by a Porygon-Z at def2 satk/speed3 with a well placed Haze from his Skuntank. Then when he went to kill it with an Explosion the darn thing Tri-Attacked a BRN on the skunk... once more ruining PV's chances. The only other big thing to happen was Galvantula thwarting Poison Heal Gliscor with a Gastro Acid to force a switch, and uhhh... Oricorio Swords Dancing and Agility Baton Passing to an Electivire for some sweepage.

Leader Synthesis Defends: $5500
Challenger The Artist Loses: $2500
I Ref: $3000

Total Wages: $18, 000

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